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7 Effective Ways To Generate Leads With Content Marketing

7 Effective Ways To Generate Leads With Content Marketing

 In content marketing quality is better than quantity. Agents will see a much higher return on investment by focusing on generating content that potential business leads will be interested in. These are 7 ways in which you can generate leads with content marketing

1.       Understand your target market

It’s not all about creating content, its al about creating relevant content. Do a research online and try to see how other real estate agents are solving their customer’s needs. You can also talk to customers directly to understand their fundamentals. When you understand your target market you will be able to come up with relevant content that will draw their attention and you will have succeeded.

2.       Use the right channels to promote your content

Having a relevant content is not enough. Getting people to see it content is what matters most. It can build or break your it .Look for channels that your targets market engages with your brand.

There different channels that you can use to promote you content. Some are organic- they do not require money to get started and others paid channels. Organic channels include social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumble, LinkedIn, YouTube, Quora. Social media is a marketing strategy that all real estate agents should use.

Organic channels are good, but it takes time to build online authority and credibility. They grow over time and might take a few months before you start seeing significant improvements but at the end of the day you these channels will usher you into places where your prospects hang out. Once you’ve found these venues, you graciously introduce yourself with your content.

Paid channels include Social media ads, Google Ad Words, Native ads-  ones that appear on other platforms , Banner ads, and Content discovery networks -ads for your blog posts that appear in the around the web and recommended stories sections of large online publication. They allow you to reach your target audiences with laser-like accuracy through strategic placement of ads. Next, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to track results. Most of all, you get immediate results in terms of traffic. Paying only if someone clicks the ad further seals an inherently good deal.

3.       Use the right keywords

Keywords are what everything builds upon. Keywords Attract, Convert, Close and Delight your customers. Customers use keywords to search for answers to their questions. Keywords can come in the form of questions, phrases, words, names, business names, products, services or really anything descriptive format that can be typed into a search engine. They help prospects understand what your business does and if used rightly , they can convert visitors to buyers. Create content that includes keywords that are relevant in real estate industry.  It’s good to optimize your keywords, that is, making it easy for a search engine to know exactly what your page is talking about. You can achieve this by matching your headline with the keyword. A person who wants to know more about content marketing they will type, Content marketing in real estate.

4.       Improve your landing page

Landing page serves as an entry point for building relationships with your prospects through the content you offer. Creating great landing pages is an enormous way to increase your lead generation. According to Neil Patel , a perfect landing page must begin with a compelling headline, have a strong and captivating opening and then build interest as readers move down through the copy. He says if you do this, you will create more compelling content for any social media channel you choose to release it on. That means that your landing page should be optimized to generate leads. This is ways in which you can optimize your landing page

         i.            Remove navigation bar- Remove anything that can make your visitors click away from your landing page. A landing page visitor should only have two options either to close the page or convert

       ii.            Make your CTA button visible- choose a color that can attract the attention of your visitors

      iii.            Use a compelling headline- One that attracts customers.

     iv.            Put testimonials â€“ Make it short but to-the-point. Include name, a photo of the person, and the name of the company. This makes you more trustworthy from your prospect’s perspective.

Also see types of lead generation content to put behind Your Landing pages

5.       Provide compelling  lead magnets

If you want to capture leads, you have to first provide value. Provide solutions to your audience and serve as an incentive for visitors to release their personal details. Your lead magnet should be specific to your user so that you can have a high conversion rate. Let it be delivered right away. If the user has to go through a long process before they get the offer, they might not convert. Make it easy if you want to keep your audience engaged. It should simply be irresistible. Some types of content that can serve as lead magnets for your content marketing campaigns include EBooks, Reports, Webinars, Quizzes, Courses and Videos. These are tips that will bring more leads to you website.

         i.            Display your business contact on your website

       ii.            Install instant chat on your website

      iii.            Avoid creating self-serving content at all costs.

     iv.            Automate your email marketing campaign to make it more human

Include visuals content

You have heard this for a thousand times that A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s absolutely right. Visual content are best strategy to drive more people to your site. This is an effective way especially on social media. As a matter of fact, visual content should be shared on social media three times more than other types of content. Common visual content that is shared include:

         i.            Videos- They are engaging. Statistics show that it takes less time to watch a video than read an article or blog posting that spells out the same information.  

       ii.            Inforgraphics â€“ inforgraphics condense a lot of information into an easily digestible format that is useful and shareable by the reader. They spark curiosity and increase the desire to read your content. They also add credibility to your brand and when tagged correctly can help your website to rank highly in image search engines.

      iii.            Memes – Nowadays, memes are most commonly thought of as images that are accompanied with humorous captions. But when used in marketing they ae effective  in capturing the attention of online viewers and generating leads

     iv.            Photos- In blog posts, on social media platforms and wherever brands tell their story, photographs bring a layer of immediacy to their visual content marketing efforts.

6.       Map out your content plan

Content mapping allows you to deliver highly targeted, personalized content at every stage of the buyer’s journey, pushing leads and prospects toward a purchase decision. Content maps helps to point  out what content you’ll publish, by whom, and how frequently. How many days per week will you publish blog posts? When will you offer live webinars? How frequently do you plan to promote your content on social media? Which team members will be creating and promoting the content? Your audience is able to get content that speaks to them at the right moment. See also components of an effective content map


Content is the most effective way to drive and nurture leads, especially when it is used in combination with CRM and remarketing tools which, again, use content to turn leads into loyal customers. You don’t have to make it overly complicated. The above show how  content marketing generate leads.

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