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How to Choose the Best Real Estate Names in Kenya

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Names in Kenya

You’ll agree with me that a business name contributes to a percentage of success, especially if it’s a start-up. The name you choose for your real estate business can draw clients into your property, either renters or buyers.

As long as you are free to name your business whatever you need, you can choose a good title that will draw customers. The good thing is that there is no law in Kenya restricting how you should name your business.

So what do you consider? Well, this guide has everything you need to know when choosing a real estate name in Kenya.

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Tips to Choose a Good Name for Real Estate Business 

  1. Keep it short 

Most people are lazy when it comes to reading and capturing names. So bombarding them with a long name will not do any good for your real estate business. 

In addition, a long name may force you to use abbreviations, and most individuals may get the name wrong and end up in other destinations.

In addition, make the name very catchy so that it can quickly draw the attention of passersby.

Remember you are targeting home buyers and renters with your real estate business. A short and catchy name related to real estate will do just fine.

You can choose a short name that can easily stick in people’s minds. That will help you get good results if you advertise your property on Television, radio, or social media.

For instance, choose a name like smart home, Feel at home, Get home, and many more interesting short real estate names.

  1. Do you need confidentiality?

If you don’t want anyone to know you are the actual owner of the real estate, don’t use your official name in the naming process. However, you can use a son/daughter or a pet name to get more attached to the ownership.

  1. Consider a street address. 

No one owns street or town names. Therefore, you can name your real estate business after a street name without restrictions. For instance, you can choose a name like Ruiru Realty Homes. 

As long as the name is not another registered business, you can own it.

  1. Use Your Name 

You can use abbreviations, part, or your full name in naming your real estate business. For instance, use a name like J.K.M homes or John Kamau Homes. 

However, this naming technique is not always the best when you grow. For example, a website by that name can be a little bit weird, and it can take a long before getting noticed.

  1. Ensure your name is unique. 

Do not use a name close to another real estate name. That puts you on the wrong side of the law concerning company naming and confuses your customers. 

Potential clients might settle in the other business, thinking it’s yours. As a result, all advertisement funds may benefit your competitor, which is a bad idea.

Therefore, research the area you want to buy your real estate and know the names of the neighbouring estates. That will help you come up with a unique name.

  1. Consider using synonyms 

Make Google your friend, and you’ll find synonyms of every existing word. That will be an excellent resource for getting a unique real estate name. In addition, ensure you understand the name you choose. And it should not have other disturbing meanings far from real estate.

  1. Check for available website domain names. 

When your real estate business grows, you may consider getting its website. Check whether your desired name is available for purchase. You can check available domains using the Whois website

Furthermore, check the name availability inthe eCitizen government portal to ensure you are not buying a domain for another registered real estate name.

  1. Choose a marketable name 

A marketable name should be able to tell a customer what the business does. For instance, Homes For You indicates that the business deals with selling homes, making it a marketable name.


A good name will contribute to how people will see your real estate business. So choose a short marketable name that will stick in people’s minds. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Which name is best for real estate?

An excellent real estate name enables a potential customer to know what the business entails without asking. It’s also a short name that is easily memorable.

  1. What is a property name?

It’s a name that identifies certain buildings or land. 

  1. What does the term realty or realtor mean in a business name?

Realty or realtor in a business name means the business deals with real estate. 

  1. Can a good name promote business stability?

Yes. A good name that explains the business motive can promote stability. Such a name ensures you don’t do anything outside what you’ve promised in the business name. Therefore, your business will be stable since there is no swaying around.

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