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Real Estate Drone Photography: 5 Ways to Boost Your Sales

Real Estate Drone Photography: 5 Ways to Boost Your Sales

In today’s fast-paced real estate market, standing out from the competition is crucial. One effective way to capture potential buyers’ attention and elevate your listings is through real estate drone photography.As a real estate agent, you should always take advantage of any technology that can help you boost your sales. With Real estate drone photography, you can showcase properties from breathtaking aerial perspectives, creating stunning visuals that entice buyers. Let’s dive into the world of real estate drone photography and explore five ways it can significantly boost your sales. Read through our blog section and ensure you don’t miss our helpful tips.

The Rise of Drone Photography

Drone photography has revolutionised the whole process of real estate marketing. The ability to capture awe-inspiring aerial shots has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

The first ever aerial photo was taken in 1858 through a hot air balloon.

Over the years, aerial photography has evolved, and it’s currently a good shot for real estate agents to showcase their properties for listings. Statistics show that drone photography properties sell faster than ground photos. These statistics show the need to incorporate real estate drone photography to boost sales.

5 Tips To Boost Property Sales With Drone Photography

1. Showcase the Surrounding Area

Use drone photography to capture stunning aerial shots of the property’s surroundings, such as nearby parks, waterfront views, or scenic landscapes. Highlighting the beauty of the neighbourhood can help potential buyers visualise the lifestyle and amenities available to them.

Showcasing the surroundings creates a strong emotional connection and generates interest in the property. Potential buyers can get interested in the property if the surroundings are appealing.

2. Emphasise Unique Property Features

Drones provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the unique features of a property that are difficult and dangerous to capture from the ground. Whether it’s a rooftop terrace, an expansive backyard, or architectural details, aerial shots can highlight these selling points in a visually captivating way. 

Focusing on these standout features differentiates the property from others on the market and attracts potential buyers seeking something extraordinary.

3. . Create Engaging Virtual Tours

Drones can capture engaging property virtual tours that can attract more clients.  You should use drone videography to create immersive virtual tours of the property.

Drones can seamlessly move from one room to another while providing a comprehensive view of the house layout. As a result, potential buyers can experience a virtual property tour as if they were physically present.

Virtual tours offer convenience and allow viewers to explore properties at their own pace, increasing engagement and the likelihood of generating leads.

4. Utilise 360-Degree Panoramas

Real estate drone photography can capture breathtaking 360-degree photos of a property and its surroundings. These interactive visuals allow potential buyers to navigate and explore the property from different angles, giving them a sense of being physically present. 

In addition, 360-degree photos provide a unique and immersive experience, leaving a lasting impression on viewers and setting your listing apart from others.

5. Highlight Property Size and Boundaries

Drones are excellent tools for accurately capturing a property’s size and boundaries. High-quality aerial images showcasing the entire property help potential buyers to get a clear understanding of the land’s extent, layout, and potential for expansion or additional development.

Showing the exact size of the property helps buyers to make informed decisions about the land and whatever they want to do with the property.

Benefits of Drone Photography

Captivating Aerial Perspectives

One of the most significant advantages of drone photography is the ability to showcase properties from unique vantage points. Aerial shots give potential buyers a comprehensive view of the property, surrounding landscape, and neighbourhood. 

Enhanced Property Features

Drones can capture stunning images and videos highlighting property’s key features, such as swimming pools, expansive gardens, or large outdoor spaces. This visual storytelling technique allows potential buyers to better understand the property’s layout and amenities, creating a strong emotional connection that can drive sales.

Increased Listing Engagement

We are in a digital age where online platforms dominate the real estate market, and captivating photos and videos are essential. Drone photography not only captures attention but also keeps potential buyers engaged for longer periods.

High-quality aerial images and videos create a lasting impression, increasing the likelihood of viewers contacting the agent for more information or scheduling a showing.

Competitive Edge

As drone photography gains popularity, it becomes a powerful tool for staying ahead of the competition. With breathtaking aerial shots, you can differentiate their listings and make a lasting impact on potential buyers. Great aerial images position you as a go-to professional in your market.

Broader Marketing Reach

Drone photography allows real estate agents to tap into the vast potential of social media platforms, where visually appealing content thrives. Sharing stunning aerial images and videos on various online channels attracts a larger audience, and generates more leads. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook provide excellent opportunities to engage with potential buyers and promote your listings.

The Growth of Real Estate Drone Photography

The growth of real estate drone photography is significant as many agents are using drones to capture excellent photos and videos.  In 2020, the drone photography industry was worth $2.25 billion. Predictions show that the market will hit $8.51 billion by 2030. 

These statistics show the need to incorporate drone photography as early as possible to yield maximum results for your listings.


Real estate drone photography has emerged as a game-changer in the industry, offering immense benefits to agents and sellers. As the demand for visually compelling content continues to grow, embracing drone photography is no longer an option but a necessity for any real estate professional. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time of the day to take photos using drones?

The most preferred time for real estate drone photography is at noon when there are no shadows. When taking real estate photos and videos, it’s advisable to consider moments with the best light.

Can I sell faster when I use real estate drone photography?

Yes. Research shows that agents who use drones to showcase their property reach a wider audience. As a result, they sell faster because the images showcase the property in an exceptional manner.

Could drone photography influence marketing?

Yes. Drones can affect the Click Through Rate(CTR) of your adverts on online platforms such as social media and websites. People will most likely click an advert that has an ariel image than a ground image.

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