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10 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

10 Ways to Generate More Real Estate Referrals

Customer satisfaction can go a long way than you could imagine. One of the best things a client can do to your business is to refer your products and services to their family and friends.This criterion is no exception in the real estate business. The more you satisfy your clients with the properties or services you sell them, the more they’ll refer you. Hence generating more real estate referrals.This blog sheds some light on generating more real estate deals without relying entirely on customer satisfaction. This applies when you haven’t sold anything to anyone. That’s when you should use other methods to generate more real estate referrals.Considering your urge to sell more, we allow you to list your property with us for free.

How to Generate More Real Estate Referrals in Kenya

1. Build a professional real estate network

Developing a reliable network of professionals is usually the right way to go in any business. As a real estate investor, you should attract the right professionals in your inner circle. These people can help you close more real estate deals and refer your business to their friends.

Supposing that each professional in your circle has a network of other professionals in the real estate sector. Actually, that’s how it is because every professional wants to build their business too. As a result, the network turns out to be one of the biggest in the industry. 

Therefore, if you are selling a property, you will tell everyone in your network, and they will share with potential clients or real estate agents who will help you get clients faster. 

2. Build a tangible online presence

It’s no secret about the growth of the internet and the benefits emerging from it. In this era, it’s essential to learn where and how to reach clients for your properties in Kenya.

That’s why it’s essential to have social media accounts for your real estate business. You can start by building FaceBook pages and building your followers. It’s good to optimise your page such that anyone who sees it knows you deal with properties in Kenya.

Facebook has great potential to help you grow your social media presence. With Meta Business Suite, you can manage your Instagram and Facebook pages in one place. In addition, you can schedule your posts for free.

You can also have other social media accounts like Twitter and Tiktok. Furthermore, LinkedIn can help you build a network of people who might refer your business to others.

3. Build your real estate brand.

Let’s agree you would prefer buying from a well-known brand to a new one you haven’t known about. That’s what happens with property business in Kenya. Property buyers prefer working with a more reliable brand than a new business. That’s one reason you should start building your brand now.

When building your brand, choose a suitable name explaining what you do. Get a designer to design an excellent logo and derive a good slogan for your property business. Your brand should be memorable, and that’s the only way people can refer you to others.

4. Start a YouTube channel.

Videos are becoming a norm of the day. YouTube has over 122 million daily users as of February 2023 and still counting. These statistics show that more people are interested in watching videos.

Therefore, starting a YouTube channel that can help you sell your brand more precisely is an excellent idea. According to Wyzowl’s research, in November 2022, 91% of businesses used video marketing. The study shows that 89% of video viewers are convinced to buy.

If more people are watching videos, it shows a great way to explain your business to them more vividly. If they understand your property business, they will eventually buy and refer their friends and family later.

5. Build a database of past clients.

We say, ‘old is gold.’ And that’s one reason you should never throw away your past clients’ databases. Remember, these people believed in your business and chose to buy from you, which makes them unique and worthy to be in your database.

It’s a good idea to build an email list of your past clients and frequently send them offers and tips to manage their homes and commercial properties. They are indeed part of your community, and you should make them feel special. In addition, you can send them birthday cards, and you will win their hearts. 

Furthermore, ensure you are always available to answer their questions, and they will always refer their friends to you.

6. Volunteer in community projects

People like gifts, and that’s one way you can generate more real estate referrals. Get your brand out there and participate in those fundraising and other community projects.

The more you show up, the more people know about your real estate business. As a result, whoever hears someone searching for properties, will refer them to you.

7. Market your business 

Marketing is non-negotiable if you want more leads and referrals for your property business in Kenya. You can create a real estate website and optimise it for search engines. 

That way, you can get free potential clients from search engines. However, you should first update your website with high-quality information that answers the searcher’s intent.

You should also consider other advertisement methods such as Google Ads, Social media advertisements, newspapers, Television, and Radio.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.

You can ask your family and friends to refer customers to you. In addition, you can ask your colleagues and clients to refer you to potential buyers.

If you have an email marketing campaign, you can add a referral button at the bottom of the email. This will remind your email list that they can refer you to others. 

Furthermore, don’t forget to include social media share icons that enable your audience to share your business.

9. Make use of business cards. 

Business cards are an excellent way to get real estate referrals. Once you have business cards, sharing your business profile with anyone interested in connecting with you is easy.

You can share your business cards at workshops, seminars, and other gatherings. Furthermore, business cards make you appear professional. 

10. Always be professional and position yourself as an expert 

Once people notice your expertise in properties in Kenya, it’s a way to get referrals from them. Therefore it’s crucial to improve your knowledge of the property. You can always share helpful tips on your website and social media platforms.

Furthermore, knowing the trending aspects in the real estate sector is also an added advantage. Once people like your expertise, they will refer you to their family and friends who want to buy properties in Kenya. 


You’ve seen the ten different ways to get real estate referrals. However, you should focus on high-quality services that motivate more people to refer to you.

To reach more people, don’t hesitate to list your properties with us, whether you are searching for buyers or tenants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I increase my real estate referrals?

The primary way of increasing referrals is by improving your property’s quality. When you sell a property, ensure it’s in its best quality, which will help draw clients. In addition, ensure you handle your clients very well, such that they like your services and properties.

Can I attract referrals online?

Yes. You can attract real estate referrals via online platforms. Just ensure you show your expertise when posting on social media and real estate websites. If people notice that you are experienced in the real estate sector, they will refer you to their friends.

Who can be my referral sources for real estate in Kenya?

You can rely on your audience, colleagues, family, friends, other professionals, and past clients to refer you to potential clients.

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