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15 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Bring in Qualified Buyers

15 Real Estate Marketing Ideas Guaranteed to Bring in Qualified Buyers

Real estate business is one of the most
profitable ventures available. Due to this, the real estate field has become
very crowded with more people joining the industry. To come out on top, you
have to be smarter and use as many marketing avenues as possible to get

The ability to find qualified buyers will
always be important in any business. Wondering how to sell your property? We
have summarized 15 ideas that will help you sell your property fast.

1. Master your niche.

In an industry filled with a high level of
mistrust, start by becoming an expert to help you stand out. You will command
authority when you’re an expert. This way, you will start attracting buyers
without the need to sell yourself. Learn and
understand the process of buying and selling properties. To become an expert, learn more about taxation in real estate.

Do your best to understand the price
movements of property within your primary areas. Get to know of new
developments coming up and alert your customers to take advantage of the same.
The above will help you stand out in a competitive industry and customers will
trust you.

2. List your property with listing

Over 90% of customers in urban areas start
their property search online. If you are not online, you are missing out. Have
your properties listed on the leading listing websites. Here is a list of 7 
real estate listing websites in Kenya that includes websites you can use at no

3. Put a classified ad in a newspaper.

This is an old-school tactic that still
works. If you have a budget, this is a terrific way to market your real estate.
this is because newspapers put you in front of hundreds of prospective users.
this way, you do not have to wait until you build up a big profile.

Most buyers trust newspaper adverts and may
take them as evidence of a stable company.

 4. Put a ‘for sale’ sign on the property.

 I am sure you have seen these signs, or you
have used one yourself. Some clients like to visit a location and use these
signs to look for property. I once took a client to see a property that I had
for sale in Kamakis. As we went to the property, I could see the client writing
numbers down that were on the sign boards. I am sure the intention was to use
the numbers later.

Ultimate guide to creating trust as a Real estate agent in Kenya

5. Have your own real estate website.

Websites remain a growing area that
customers look for. A good website helps you in building trust with customers.
It also gives you your platform where you can list unlimited properties. With
your website, you can showcase previous projects as well. This may not be
possible with most listing websites. Make sure the website is fast and works on
mobile devices.

 If do not have and need a website, give us
a call on 0726982982. We will provide you with a website within weeks and get
you online.

 6. Use social media.

 One of the best real estate marketing
strategies is becoming an expert on the use of social media. There exists so
many social media platforms, so feel free to choose what works best for you.

 Facebook remains one of the best platforms
to post your property. You can do this by posting n your page, posting on
Facebook groups or using the Facebook Marketplace. If you can, try out a
Facebook ad campaign.

 Instagram is a good platform as it helps
you post stunning photos. Stylish photos help to show your property in the best
way. Instagram stories allow you to show your properties and updates to your
followers. LinkedIn allows you to network with fellow realtors. You can post
useful articles on LinkedIn to help build trust and show your expertise.

Be sure to join WhatsApp groups where real
estate agents post their properties and do the same as well.

7. Distribute Flyers.

In Nairobi, I have seen people handing
these out listing their properties for sale. This has been on busy roads during
periods of heavy traffic. Remember to pay local city council fees and get the
flyers stamped. You can also partner with other businesses and put up your
flyers on their business premise.

8. Join  Real Estate  forums.

There will most likely be two real estate
agents in every transaction. One representing the buyer and one representing a
seller. Join real estate forums to expand your network which could be one of
the best sources of leads.

9. Conduct real estate video marketing.

Some real estate agents have started using
videos to showcase their listings. Videos have become more popular as it gives
buyers the chance to see inside the house. This feeling is the same if the
buyer visits the house. By posting videos, you save time on buyers who would
have visited and not liked the house.

You can then upload these videos on
Youtube. Additionally, feel free to post the same on your social media pages.

10. Use Social Media Influencers.

Content creators have a wider reach on
social media and can spread your message to more people. Furthermore, people
have a certain level of trust in these already established influencers. By
using the influencers, you can capitalize on this to maximize your brand

11. Reach Out to Local Radio and Television

If you have good connections, use them to
get featured on local radio and TV stations as an expert. You can then use this
to market your properties. If you have an advertising budget, radio and TV
stations are a great way to reach a large audience. Most listeners trust the
presenters and lay a lot of trust in any advertisements that they run.

12. Build a Profile on Premier Agent.

Premier Agent website is one of the leading
real estate listing websites in Kenya. Also allowing you to post your property
for free, you get to receive top property advice. Tips from this website will
help you when either selling or buying real estate. More buyers are also
relying on this website due to their map-based real estate search.

 So, go ahead and create a profile by
logging in here. With a free profile, start listing your properties. An
advantage of this website is that you can list properties you already sold and
mark them as sold. This allows you to showcase previous projects. Once you
create a profile, you can ask for reviews from your previous clients.

13. Setup a Local Business Page on Google

It’s advisable to set up a business page on Google for your real estate business. If you can, target the right
keywords on your business page as well. For example, you can use “Properties
for sale in Nairobi” or “properties for sale in Ruiru” to target the people who
are looking to buy properties in these two towns.

To set up a local business page on Google,
go to . on this website enter your business’s information,
starting with location. Once completed, you can ask for reviews on Google from
your past clients or friends.

14. Order unique business cards that stand

Business cards will never go out of style.
There will always be meetings with buyers, sellers, and other industry
professionals. It is good to have your information on hand to share with them.
Business cards should have your name and the name of your business. Also,
include your website and contact details. Use good color and fonts to stand

15. Create a referral system

As you try to find new clients, don’t
forget about getting referrals from happy clients.
41% of sellers using a real estate agent found that agent through a referral from friends or family. If
you’re not asking for referrals, you should be.

One of the easiest ways to get referrals is
to ask. Provide your prospects with simple and seamless services during the
process of buying and selling real estate. Once you conclude the deal, ask the
client if they have any friends they can recommend you to. Happy past clients
are your best brand ambassadors.


Getting customers is not a walk in the
park. It takes patience and hard work. While the above ideas are sure ways to
sell your property, do not try to do everything on the list at once. Your initial
goal should be to start somewhere and grow over time. Start with a few
strategies to test and see over time what brings the best results for you.

If you do not have enough time, consider
hiring a real estate marketer.

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