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5 Ways Technology is Changing the process of buying and selling property in Kenya

5 Ways Technology is Changing the process of buying and selling property in Kenya

Technology has transformed the process of buying and selling houses. It has really made things more comfortable for home sellers. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, technology has transformed buying and selling in big way. Nowadays, paperwork can be completed without picking up a pen, many people will see your property online before they see it in person.

Most real estate agents also use social media, email marketing, and other technology-driven platforms to communicate with buyers and market to local communities as well. Here are a few ways in which technology has improved the state of buying and selling in real estate.

1. Most of property purchases start online.

According to research by the National Association of Realtors, 99% of Millennials, 89% of Older Boomers and 77% of the Silent Generation searched online websites when buying a property. On average, about 43% of buyers start their property-search online. As a buyer, search portals like Premier Agent can help you get started. This site helps you with information that helps you in decision making at the comfort of your home.

As a real estate agent, it means that you need to have a very good online presence. Whether is creating a good Facebook page, a website or joining real estate online platforms.  Once you create a Facebook page and a client likes your page, they will begin to see your posted content on their timeline. We support you to list your experience, homes sold in the past and you even get to have past clients rate your services. This helps to showcase your experience and generates trust. As an agent, identify ways to build your expertise and position yourself as an ethical professional your clients and community can rely on.

2. Transparency process

The roll out of Adhisasa by the government has a potential impact in the real estate industry, from buying property to due diligence. Ardhisasa is an online platform that allows Citizens, other stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information held and processes undertaken by Government. You can now search for land ownership, pay your land rent on Ardhisasa, at the comfort of your home or office.

3.     Mobile apps are making buying and selling easier

Most common listing websites like ours also have apps that you can use to make the buying or selling process an even easier one. You can sign up to get notifications sent to your smart device about properties that you have favorited, as well as about properties that may be suitable for you. These apps ask you to set the criteria for what you want in a home, including size, location and even specific features that you would like the property to have.

 4.   Data Analytics

For real estate agents, getting and following up on leads remains as important as ever. A CRM is a must-have for every real estate business. It eliminates the cutthroat competition that causes leads to slip from your plate onto another team’s. It is the primary step in the adoption of technology in the sales and marketing process of a real estate business. CRM Africa with offices in Nairobi provides affordable software to generate leads, get insights and convert more leads to business with an easy to use software for your business. The real estate CRM helps you engage with customers across multiple channels at each stage of the lifecycle. Get the right context across different media and stay notified in real-time.

5. Virtual Experience of Potential Homes

Virtual reality (VR) is one technology that is becoming more popular among buyers and businesses alike. Advanced builders are already moving beyond photos, and even 360-degree videos, clients are now offered 3D virtual property tours on their devices. 

Although virtual reality is still new in real estate, it is almost tailor-made for this market! VR allows users to navigate floor plans digitally, unlike anything on the market. These immersive 3-Dimensions tours will drastically change the pre-construction phase for new houses as potential buyers have a chance to see what the spaces look like before any construction has begun.

In Conclusion

Technology has had a good impact on real estate and the great benefit is that the availability of listing data and market trends will help buyers and sellers to make more informed decisions. If you need help to develop a website that showcases your company, we can help you get there. We also help you get ahead of the curve by giving you free access to the best property listing website in Kenya.

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