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6 Benefits of buying a home in a good neighborhood

6 Benefits of buying a home in a good neighborhood

When buying a home, most people only go for the one with a low price. Only for them to later in life make many regrets about the decision they made. Below is a list of six benefits of buying a home in a good neighbourhood that you should keep in mind before settling on where to buy.

 1.High capital growth of your home.

 Even though buying a home in a good neighbourhood is not so pocket friendly, it comes with many advantages. For example, the value of your home will appreciate in value steadily and consistently over time. This is not normally the case with bad neighbourhoods. Most of them actually drop in value.

2.Better security.

With a good neighbourhood comes a low crime rate or even none. Your safety and that of your family and your property should come first always. No one would love to come home to an empty house or get attacked at their place.

Before buying a home it’s good to do thorough research about the security of the area. You can get information regarding security issues from statistics that are compiled and kept by locals, you can also visit the police or check their posts on social media platforms since most will regard security in the surrounding.

 3.Quality schools.

One thing for sure you can get in a good neighbourhood is good schools. It doesn’t matter if you have school going kids, one day you could get yours or those of relatives. You may also one day wish to sell your home, if there are good schools around then the likelihood of you selling the property sooner is high as schools affect the buying decision of almost all prospective homeowners.

Before buying a home, it is also important you visit the schools around to get first-hand information on their performances. You shouldn’t just rely on what you are told since whoever is selling you the property may tell you biased information for them to make a sale.

 4.Easy access to amenities and facilities.

 In a good neighbourhood, good shops, roads, churches, cafes, playgrounds, will always be in close proximity which is not the case with other not so good neighbourhoods. These facilities and amenities will see a locations value increase. This is good also for the future as one day you may wish to resell the property. These have been and will remain the variables against which people measure a good neighbourhood.

 5.Increased privacy.

Overcrowded neighbourhoods have so much commotion, noise pollution and very little privacy. There are normally so many shared amenities and facilities including bathrooms and toilets. In a good neighbourhood, you get a chance to own almost everything privately for example gardens, parking lots, hanging lines and many other.

6.Good Community companionship and ties.

In most communities, there is how things are run there. In planning on how to run things then it means people have to come together and discuss or draw the rules. When they come together, they tend to bond because they have so much in common.

Their children are not also left behind. The togetherness of children with their age mates as they are growing up is very vital. Most of the things teachers or parents don’t teach their children, they learn from their friends. In a good neighbourhood, the kind of things children learn from one another are majorly positive. 


When buying a home, you should know that you are making a lifetime decision.  The decision you make is likely to affect, either positively or negatively, you and those you love. I hope that after reading the above, you are going to make a decision with zero future regrets.

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