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6 Rules that Each Landlord Should Set in Kenya

6 Rules that Each Landlord Should Set in Kenya

Without rules, the world would be so complicated because everyone would feel some kind of entitlement. In the real estate sector, the damaged property would go unrepaired, and no one would be accountable. And that would result in a decaying society. That’s why we have rules that every landlord should set in Kenya. In Kenya, landlords have a lot of control over their tenants. They can set rules and regulations that tenants must follow, and they can evict them if they do not comply. With the guidance of the tenant-landlord bill in Kenya, landlords can set rules that favour them and their tenants. This blog explains everything you need to know as a landlord concerning tenancy rules. In addition, we can help you get tenants by listing your property on our site. Sign up to list your rental property and generate quality tenant leads.

6 Rules Each Landlord Should Set in Kenya

1. All tenants must pay their rent on time

No one likes late payments because it interferes with your financial plans. Therefore, setting rent payment deadlines is important to receive your dues on time. In addition, it prevents the tenant from accruing late fees and a possibility of eviction. 

2. Tenants must keep the property clean and tidy

In some instances, tenants are responsible for cleanliness around their houses. However, as a landlord, you should have a property manager to help you keep the compound and the washrooms clean.

Furthermore, every tenant should be responsible for the cleanliness of individual apartments. Cleanliness is important because it keeps the property in good condition and prevents pests and diseases from spreading.

3. All tenants must keep the property in good condition

Indeed, you won’t like your property to fall into the hands of a destructive tenant. They don’t know the maintenance cost and should not make things challenging for you. Therefore, set a clear rule that every tenant must not damage your property. In addition, make it clear that if they break the law, they will foot all maintenance costs for their apartment. 

Giving tenants a copy of the rules is vital before they sign the tenancy agreement. All these ensure that the property will be safe and pleasant for everyone. In addition, it prevents the tenant from causing damage to the property because they know the consequences.

Proper property maintenance makes it more valuable, improving the returns on investment for you as a landlord. 

4. Tenants must respect each other

Disrespect amongst tenants breeds bad habits and endless chaos on your property. As a result, tenants break your property, and you’ll incur the costs later. In addition, some tenants who don’t like chaos will leave your property once they realise how the behaviour of your tenants.

You’ll lose potential and good tenants because only a few make your property miserable. Therefore, ensure that all your tenants understand that disrespect is a crime in your rental property and will result in eviction.

However, your property manager should be available to solve minor disputes before they go further. If the manager cannot solve the conflicts, they should forward the affected tenants to you.

5. No illegal deals on your property

As much as tenants have freedom in their newly found homes, they should not conduct any illegal dealings on your premises. Even if they pay rent for it, your houses will be a crime scene when the authorities find out about the schemes.

As a result, it will damage your property’s reputation, and you may scare away potential tenants or buyers if you wish to resell the property. That’s why you should be so careful when selecting your tenants. It’s always important to ask them for a certificate of good conduct to ensure you are not dealing with potential criminals.

6. Prohibit loud music and late-night parties 

A noisy apartment doesn’t have a good impression on the neighbours. As a result, you may miss potential referrals because no one would bring their friend in a noisy environment.

In addition, according to the National Environment Management Authority (NEMA), everyone has a right to a quiet environment. The worst case is that they can suspend your licence, and you’ll suffer before you get them back. Therefore, don’t allow tenants to end your investment journey.

The importance of Setting Rules as a Landlord

Rules provide structure and order. Without restrictions, everything would be a free-for-all, and chaos would spread.

Rules help to ensure fairness. If there were no rules, people could do whatever they wanted, and some would always have an advantage over others.

Finally, rules help to keep people safe. If there were no rules about traffic, for example, there would be many more accidents. 


In conclusion, the rules ensure the smooth running of your income property and avoid legal issues. You should design these rules to protect you and the tenant and communicate them clearly before tenants sign the agreement forms.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should a landlord not do in Kenya?

According to the landlord-tenant bill, a landlord should not evict a tenant without issuing a two-month notice. However, illegal activities can cause the landlord to evict the tenant immediately after they notice. 

2. What are my rights as a landlord?

As a landlord, you have a right to receive rent on the dates you’ve set. In addition, you have a right to set your desired rules, as long as they don’t differ from the landlord-tenant bill. And every tenant should follow the rules, failure to which you can take legal actions against them.

3. What should I do as a landlord?

Whatever the tenancy agreement says you should do, do it. The tenants have a right to supply water and power in their houses, even if they pay for it. In addition, the better you relate with your tenants, the more you will stay with them for a long time.

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