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7 Main Reasons Why Real Estate Companies need a good website

7 Main Reasons Why Real Estate Companies need a good website

7 Main Reasons Why Real Estate Companies need a good website

Having your own website is very important in real estate
business. If you are not having a real estate website for your company, you are
missing a large pool of potential customers active on the internet. Below are
the reasons why website is important for your real estate business and why you
need it for

1.       Builds credibility

With the affluence of online scams, online customers have
become weary about who they buy from. They will need to be persuaded before
they feel comfortable enough to take a chance on your business. A website is a
statement of legitimacy and a way of instilling confidence in your business. Without
a website you’ll limit your ability to reach new clients and persuade them to
do business with you. Your website’s credibility can directly impact your
rankings, too. Google wants to deliver trustworthy websites to its users. See ways
your website should build credibility for Your real estate investing business

2.       It’s a marketing tool

Your website is the best marketing tool. . It serves as a virtual
equivalent of a physical business for the 3 billion internet users. A good
website declares to the world that an organization exists, what value it
offers, and how to do business. When someone is looking for the properties you
sell or a business they consult Google, Bing, Yahoo, or whichever search engine
it might be. In the results, your web pages are returned but this depends with
how closer you are to the top of SERPs (search engine results pages). The
closer you are, the more likely it is that people will visit your website and
from there make your sales. Websites helps to drive relevant traffic to the
site and visitors are people who are likely to purchase your properties. Learn 10 effective
ways to use website as a marketing tool
and convert your visitors to new
customers and build a loyal following.

3.       It educates your clients

Your website is a source of education for your clients. So
much information is gained by users browsing a website. Before making any
decisions, customers do a research. For example if a person wants to invest on
commercial properties they will do a research first There are so many things
going on in the commercial property investment at any one time that you can and
should let the people know. You can also maintain regular updates for your
clients on the many different market indicators. What users see and read shapes
the perception of the company or brand in the user’s decision-making.  So, having the best content on your website is
important so that your website acts as your main marketing tool. The content
should also aim at bringing the customers up to speed if you want them to understand.

4.       Helps in Creating online presence

Your online presence is very important because it’s what
allows people to find you, interact with you, and get to know, like, and trust
you. Building an online presence is more than just creating a platform that
consumers can visit. It’s more about creating brand awareness and gaining
followers, leads, customers and educates people through content. Besides social
media, one of the first places people will go to find out more about your
company is your website. Every aspect of your brand’s online presence radiates
out from your website. A website is the virtual address of every business and
the face value of your business on the internet. Having a website for your
business is the fundamental requirement of today’s corporate world. Not just a
website but a great website. A great website is one that is user-friendly,
aesthetically pleasing, and well-suited to driving conversions. Such website will
grab the attention of the users that are funneled into it.

5.       It helps in  brand building

Websites helps in promoting brand. It reflects your brand
identity, builds your brand reputation, increases exposure and awareness.  If you aim to reinforce your market position
you need to strengthen your band image helps to showcase your business and your

The following are some website elements that can be used as
a branding tool:

I.           Logo -Logo
design is directly related to your brand identity. It makes you stand out from
competitors and creates necessary associations with your brand.

      II.           Impressive
about us page
– People usually browse the About Us page to get to know more
about the organization. You should therefore come up with a creative about us
page that stands out on its own. On this page tell who you are, what’s
important for you, how you work, and show that you strive to match clients’
preferences and interests

    III.           Color
-the use of proper color can build brand identity and evoke strong emotion. The
colorused for your website determines how you are perceived by consumers. If
you want to build excitement or interest when people see your brand, find out
which colors can do that. For instance Apple has used white to convey
cleanliness, technology, and innovation and Coke’s use of red in their website
to stay consistent with their existing brand.

    IV.           Web design
The overall design and layout speak to how your users interact with your
website.  Good web design can get you
customers, and enable you to keep them at the same time. Keep the design

      V.           Web
– The write-up has to capture the users’ attention or imagination,
otherwise, they will not stay on the website for long. Define your audience, be
different, optimize and promote your content, and repeat your message.

6.       Targets the millennial

A well-designed website must be appealing to the new
generations whom it is targeting. Millennial are definitely part of your target
market. They are beginning to make up a bigger population of home buyers and
this trend is bound to continue. They are the first online searchers. A well
build and well customized website, one that is appealing to them , draws their
attention. They take a lot of time on content consumption especially on visual
content and it’s from this that they are able to make a decision to purchase your
property. See 7 takeaways
for driving millennial to your website

7.       Making a powerful impression

Your website represents who you are and what you offer. When
people first lay eyes on your website, they’ll subconsciously make a host of
judgments about your company’s reliability, credibility, trustworthiness,
professionalism, business practices and overall quality. A website that is visually
appealing and easy to navigate. Creates a positive impression to users. This is
how a good real estate should should look like

It should have all the necessary contact information and clearly state what products and
services you offer.

Great content
– You could work on creating a blog that will actually be a resource to
homeowners, instead of aggressively selling

Easy to
-Make it easy for visitors to find their way from the homepage to
any other page with the information they seek.

quality photos
– Take photos that have high-resolution to captures user’s
attention  ad that establish the type of
properties you specialize in.

Use maps
– Helps customers get a glimpse of all the available properties in a given area
fast, or get a quick snapshot of what kind of area a particular property is

    VI. Testimonials-
To build social proof. It puts clients at ease and make you look more credible.

Search feature- You need to incorporate search
engine optimization. Learn SEO
step by step by step guide
that will help a website or piece of content
rank higher on Google.


As an agent who is looking for more clients or a better
marketing strategy, putting up your own website is the next step that you
should do. If you want your website to be easily discoverable in search engines
then you should optimize your website with effective Real Estate SEO.


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