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8 Best Tips for getting clients on your Airbnb Holiday Home.

8 Best Tips for getting clients on your Airbnb Holiday Home.

The main reason for starting an Airbnb holiday home is to get more clients and make more money. However, without the knowledge of how to get these clients your business is likely to fail.

To avoid that, I have prepared 8 best tips on how you can get clients for your home below.

1.   Have all the essential amenities in your home.

Having all essential amenities will see your home attract more clients. Some of the amenities preferred include Security, HD-TV, Wi-Fi, Fridge, Hairdryer, an Iron box, a Kitchen, Jacuzzi, a laptop workspace, toilet paper, soap, and a washing machine.

2.   Respond to clients on time.

Airbnb requires hosts to respond to clients within 24 hours. But to increase the chances of getting more clients you need to attend to all inquiries sooner.

3.   Have a flexible check-in and check-out time.

For one reason or the other, guests may run late. You need to give your guests some time allowance in case they are faced with unavoidable inconveniences when checking in or out.

4.   Maintain a high rating.

Maintaining a high overall rating will have your listing appear at the top of search results. Therefore many clients will be more likely to click on your listings. You maintain a high rating by avoiding cancellations and providing the best services to all clients.

5.   Upload Quality photos.

Now that Airbnb is an online platform and those finding your home will find it online, you need to provide very nice photos of the property. The clients will want to see if the place they will book meets their standards. Blurry photos will push away potential customers even if the place is nice. So if you don’t have a professional camera it would be advisable for you to book a photographer. Good photos will also attract customers to click on your post.

6.   Use a Catchy title

Using the 35 characters limit for a title by the Airbnb platform, try your best to come up with the best title. The better the title the more likely it is for you to catch the attention of potential clients into clicking on your listing.

7.   Use white Linen.

Using white bed sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, doveys, and towels will prove how hygienic the place is. They should be spotless and odorless. Clients will choose a clean place over a dirty one every time.

8.   Charge fair prices

Airbnb platform suggests the amount you should charge depending on the details you fed in the platform about your property. However, you can also charge the amount you so wish. Charge fair prices, not too high not too little.


Airbnb business is one of the best passive income-generating businesses you can start in Kenya.  With more clients comes more income. I am certain that if you employ these tips in your Airbnb business, you will get more clients. Consider sharing this article with your colleagues in this business so as to help them also get more clients.

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