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Advantages of Owning a Piece of Plot in Konza

Advantages of Owning a Piece of Plot in Konza

 Vision 2030 has made
the vast land of Konza to be of high demand as the vision comes to its ripe
age. The land is the only investment that will never depreciate but always grow
in value.

Many Kenyans have seen the importance of investing in land
and they are looking for plots around the country to buy. Here I will tell you
why I trust Konza city to be the place you can buy a plot. Konza city is a
small town located in Kajiado County. It is 64km south of the capital city

Konza city is where the Kenya vision 2030 national
development plan of technology is taking place. Due to this growing demand for
land for either commercial purpose or residential purpose, many real estate
companies like
Username Investment ltd have acquired massive lands from
locals to and subdivided them to be sold to investors.  Here is why owning plot in Konza will be of
advantage to the investor.

It is a
technology city

Konza is one of the most developing towns in Kenya. Konza
will be a world-class city with advanced technology in the communication area,
and a great business governance system especially for those investing this
early, and not forgetting how the infrastructure will be laid in that

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The investment that the government has put in the city has
made it stand out as it attracts many people to not only settle but also
invest. Konza is anticipated to have a productive effect on the economy of the
country. This is because of its development that allows the setting of small
businesses, creating jobs for the natives and generating opportunities for
investors both local and international.

of plots

Konza is very affordable when you buy now. Because of the
high appreciation rate, it is advisable to get one before time runs out. Also, talking
about affordable living standards affordable and good housing for those who will
live and work there and even for those studying. This real estate companies
provides you with the best offer for
plots for sale in Konza. It gives you a flexible
installment payment plan of up to one year.

suitability for expansion

Konza town, which is the old town near where the Konza technolis
will be set up, started as a small town with small businesses and few
investors. The small town is growing rapidly. This is due to infrastructure
improvement in the area as the government is equipping the neirbouring Konza
technology city.

Gauge Railway (
SGR) substation

The SGR has set up its station just adjacent to the techno city,
which is currently a sub-statation. It will serve both the residents of the Konza
and workers who will be required to be travelling to Konza techno every day for

has never been a good time to buy plot in any place in Kenya, but most
investors will advise you that the time is now. Delay in asset investment is
one mistake that can never be corrected.

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