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Communicating with clients as a real estate agent in Kenya

Communicating with clients as a real estate agent in Kenya

Just like any other industry communication with clients is a basic activity. Whether they are clients that you have reached a closure with or are just prospects clients that you need to convert into potential leads, in whichever case, communication with them is essential. It doesn’t matter if it is during the start of the business or end of business. It is necessary to understand how communication can help you increase your sales as well as maintaining relationships between clients.

Here are some tips on how to effectively communicate with your clients for efficient outcomes.

Communicating through professional numbers.

In Nairobi and in many other parts of the country, a professional number calling to communicate something is almost taken seriously. Personal numbers may feel like hidden agendas though still, it depends how you communicate and articulate yourself to the client. In real estate, calling a potential client or one that has recently purchased with you through a professional dashboard number may boost your potential in sale. It is mostly seen as a very official number when communicating with clients. Mostly these are the numbers that you may find when you google the same company. Matters relating to land and property are seen as sensitive as they involve huge capitals. Therefore, personal numbers maybe inappropriate communicating such matters to the clients. Also, the phone calls should be articulated in the most humblest form. Remember the saying that says the client is always right, make the client feel that comfortable.

Emailing your clients through professional emails

Busy clients are easy in remembering through emails. Emailing them through professional emails makes it easier to remember. For example, if one was interested in connecting with the rights agents and emailed property254 for assistance on the same, sending a professional email through the property254 email, the client later will just need to remember the company they were dealing with and search the name, this will display all the communication between the company and the client. Again, the customer will feel comfortable as the communication is between a company and the client and this gives some level of security and certainty.

Texting clients professionally

A simple text message can either build you up or destroy everything up. In real estate investments it is necessary to have your texts lined up in a way that is professional. If you have a company , in Kenya it is easier to link up your company in such a way that when you text the client what appears is the name of your company. When your company name pops up as a message in your client’s phone. As it is said, it is easy to remember what appears bold in your eyes.

Be friendly

While addressing real estate clients, you need to keep it professional and with a friendly tone. Try to check out all the needs of a client and know how to help them solve their needs by offering them a kind gesture of solutions to their needs. Make sure you ask them enough questions, in a friendly open discussion while keeping it professional. Do not feel like you are the superior one when it comes to business but rather treat these clients with kindness. Mae sure you always reach a closure with your clients and if promising to call them back, reach out to clients in the said timing. Always keep it on time and if you are to remind them something, do it at the appropriate time with respect to the client.

Know your product

While communicating with your real estate clients, make sure that you are familiar with the product you are selling to them be it-land or house or any other type of property. The reason attached to this is that you will be able to explain to the client details of the said product without them thinking that you are guess working about it. For example, there are many times clients have asked about the real agent attached to certain property. With such confusion, it would make clients scared of business that they would have rather taken through. When you have the knowledge on your product, great communication skills, it would convert many potential leads into sales.

Finally, it is necessary to have effective communication skills to as to reap maximum profitability through a sale. As much as words count, the body language certainly counts too.

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