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Evaluating Real Estate Marketing Plan

Evaluating Real Estate Marketing Plan

As a realtor, you should have a real estate marketing plan to help drive potential buyers into your property business in Kenya. However, you have to evaluate the real estate marketing plan to ensure positive results for your marketing efforts.This blog aims to help you evaluate the effectiveness of your real estate marketing plan. In addition, you will also learn to identify areas where they may need adjustments. We will discuss the current marketing plan and objectives and how to evaluate them.We aim to ensure you succeed in your real estate business in Kenya. As a result, we publish free marketing tips to help you grow your real estate business. 

Benefits of Evaluating Real Estate Marketing Plan 

Evaluating your real estate marketing plan is an essential part of ensuring the success of any real estate project. 

1. Better knowledge of the Kenyan property market

This strategy gives you a better understanding of the market, which helps you identify opportunities and risks in the industry. 

2. Improved decision-making

Evaluating your real estate marketing plan will help you make decisions that give you favourable results. Remember that how you reach your potential buyers determines how much you will sell.

3. Efficient use of resources

With a proper real estate marketing plan evaluation, you will use your resources for marketing strategies that drive positive results. On the other hand, you will identify marketing strategies that are not working and stop spending on them.

4. Greater chance of success

Once you evaluate and know the right real estate marketing strategy, it will be easier to succeed. This results from good decisions and using your resources efficiently.

5. It helps analyse your competitors

When evaluating the real estate market, you learn how your competitors market their properties. You can copy and improve their marketing methods or try new techniques that competitors are not using. 

How Do You Evaluate a Real Estate Marketing Plan

When marketing your real estate business, you should learn how to evaluate your strategies to know how they are doing. Here are the ways you should determine your real estate marketing plan.

Find Data

Data is essential in any business. You need to know where most clients are coming from and what triggers their purchase decisions. For instance, if a post on Facebook brings several potential customers than any other post, see the magic in the post. Check for the content and evaluate the powerful words that may have triggered the boost.

When marketing content on a website, you can use Google Analytics to analyse the content that brings in potential customers. That will help you know where to improve and the kind of content you should share with your audiences.

Collect Feedback

Another way to evaluate your real estate marketing plan is by asking your audience for feedback. Remember, you will get a response from a potential client, and they might recommend a few things that can help your real estate business. 

You should take the comment section seriously on social media or a website. In addition, be wise when responding to critics’ comments because that showcases your brand identity.

Feedback from past clients is an excellent way to evaluate whether your real estate marketing plan is working.

Create an Email List

Email marketing is among the best real estate marketing strategies that help in generating leads. Once you have an email list of your followers, it’s easy to know if they are interested in your marketing strategy.

Whenever you send them a marketing message, you can know the number who opened the letter, who clicked and who went further to learn about the product better. These statistics will help you make informed decisions about your marketing strategies in your property business.

Factors to Consider Before Implementing a Real Estate Marketing Plan

What’s your budget and the cost associated with implementing the plan? Consider the costs of marketing materials, advertising, and other promotional activities.

Additionally, you should consider the target audience for your plan. Are you targeting buyers, sellers, or both? Knowing your target audience will help you to tailor your strategies to their needs and interests. 

You should also consider the market competition to ensure you can stand out from other competitors in the area.

Finally, you should understand the current trends in real estate marketing to create an effective, up-to-date, relevant plan. These factors can help you create a successful real estate marketing plan to help you achieve your goals.


Evaluating a real estate marketing plan from different perspectives helps you identify potential areas of improvement and areas of strength. In addition, the main goal of a real estate marketing plan is driving sales to your business. Therefore, ensure you evaluate the marketing plan.

Read more of our free marketing tips to help you correctly manage your real estate business. In addition, feel free to comment below on your views on evaluating real estate marketing strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the best way to evaluate a real estate marketing plan?

Having access to actual data for your marketing plan is the most significant way to evaluate what method is working best for your marketing efforts. Data shows you your sales, return on investment and the channels bringing the most clients.

2. What are the 4 Ps of a real estate marketing strategy?

Property, Place, Promotion and Price. These 4 Ps work together to ensure you succeed in marketing your properties.

3.  Which marketing strategies work for real estate businesses in Kenya?

To market your property business in Kenya, you can use a website, social media, email marketing, paid Google Ads, and social media advertisements. 

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