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Home Improvement Ideas When Listing Your House For Sale.

Home Improvement Ideas When Listing Your House For Sale.

A home or a domicile is a space used as a permanent or semipermanent resident for an individual, group, or family. It is a fully or semi-sheltered space and can have both interior and exterior aspects to it. It is one of the places one can live, laugh and learn in a conducive environment.

A home is somewhere one is loved, respected, and cared for and when looked from outside, it is just a house. Therefore, we need to be careful and have concerns about how to advance or refurnish a house before listing it for sale. So that we can make an improvement on the house and as well add value to the investment.

A home purchase is therefore rather in a residential area, quiet, far from the turbulences of the heart of the cities. It is also most often, the acquisition of principal residence but in some cases especially in areas with a high choice of a house as real estate investment opportunity in Kenya.

Here are some areas around the home that should be checked and well renovated to increase the price of the home before listing a house for sale.

1.Decluttering and cleaning.


3.Upgrade the Lighting.



6.Walls and Ceilings.

7. Floorings, Replace the carpets.

8. Make Your Ground Neat and Elegant.

   Decluttering and Cleaning.

This is a process of tossing out tchockls from your living room or any other area in the house to remove messes and to create a space. It involves getting rid of unnecessary things such as clothes, crowdings in a closet to make a room or areas in the house tidy. when this is done, the buyers will be much convinced and impressed with the organization in the house and all over the room and this will make you make a profit when selling the house.

Sometimes the clutter masks the underlying problems with your home. Less clutter opens up the space and opens your perspectives as well. One should use cluttering as a chance to fix any problem around the house as it might deter buyers.

It Inspires the Buyer’s Imagination.

One of the most important things to consider when listing your home for sale is to spur people’s imagination. And clutter can only deter them. Before selling your home you want to sell them the idea of their future home so you want it neutral enough but on a brick of greatness. clutter can hinder all that if not considered.

Decluttering also increases your home value.

The main goal of any home improvement is to increase the home value. This can be done by a simple act of decluttering. Homes that have plenty of clutter seem like they have not been maintained. Homes can be cleaned and look perfect in regard. On the other hand, homes without clutter seem like they have been maintained and people are willing to pay good prices for a well-maintained home.

It also improves the smell of the home and brings good air circulation which buyers consider. Potential buyers can imagine themselves living in a home with stale air and a smell is the first thing client will notice when entering your home. it is also easier to stage your home when it is cluttered. stagging a home is one of the ways you can increase its price.


This is another attractive way of enhancing the appearance of the home for the clients. Painting is a way of showing the buyers how neat and impressive the exterior parts and interior parts of the house look. Painting of the house should be done while considering colors to be used in each section of the house. Brighter colors should be considered attractive to the eyes of the buyers hence increasing the price and quality of the house.

Painting can yield at least a return of 2 – 1 on investment. For example, you spent $3000 on the house and that will be increased by$6000 in the sales price and that sells quicker and every time. Painting the home interiors increases the home curb appeal and this makes one return a percentage on their initial investment.

Since you want a buyer to like and buy your home by the minute they pull on the curb, painting both the interior and exterior of your home can be a great boost to your home’s curb appeal and value. It also gives a great signal to the buyer that your home is in good repair and that they won’t have to invest money right away on upkeep. this will also help remove the dirt on walls, dust, and even mildew and also brighten up the place a couple of hundred dollars.

Upgrade the Lighting.

Lighting in the whole home brings a very attractive look, it cheers the rooms and even creates a lively appearance on the rooms and that will impress the buyers. Checkup the lighting in your rooms more so on both the living and dining rooms, unscrew them and fix brilliant replacements in their place. If your other rooms have aged light bulbs, consider swapping them with new ones that have proper voltage for the kind of fixtures in the room. This is one of the best ways to make a home energy efficient which is desired by many buyers nowadays.

You may also consider adding more lamps and fixtures such as under cabinets lighting, desk lamps, bedside lamps accent lighting, and tread lighting. Consider that showing often happens at different times of the day so that you can consider natural lightings.

Examine your curtains and blinds to ensure they are not affecting what natural lights cold have in the room. Being a key curb appeal, exterior lightings also matters. Make it well by adding path lights to create a welcoming impression. Also note that dark furnishing, floorings and walls, and ceilings are known to interfere with room lights. To be on the safer side, you can work with an experienced interior designer who will help and consider that.


Consider the bathrooms in the home for you to attract the buyers more so their safe side because some people use the slippery tiles on the bathroom that may cause sliding when showering and that won’t attract our buyers. Check the lightings around as that is to be considered too.

Buyers also love the bathrooms that bring luxury and they will want to envision themselves enjoying this in their new home. It is also good to consider simple and perfect renovation just for a home sale. It is not a wise investment to do a full, costly renovation just for a home sale. It simply doesn’t translate into a profit.


It is true that the kitchen is the heart of every home which is why the buyers always prioritize the look of the kitchen and the impression that it brings. it is also one of the best ways to sell your home. Refresh your cabinets by checking on their paintings, also be mindful of the color scheme around the kitchen stick with good colors to appeal to most buyers.

Swap in new fixtures over the island and kitchen sinks checks the lightings in the kitchen area, and fix where necessary. You can invest in a good quality dishwasher if they still look good consider maintaining them to check the cost. Give the kitchen a serious deep clean, bright and shiny. There are lots of gloss surfaces in the kitchen and to see them dull, scratched, scuffed, or chipped is a turn-off to the buyers. A sparkling clean oven is also non-negotiable. If you want to drop dollars off your home you need to sell it if you have taken top-dollar care of it.

Walls and Ceilings.

 Buyers are always worried about what might be hidden behind our walls .so walls should be painted and you have to consider the right paint for all areas around the home. Ceilings should be worked on in case there are damages caused by rains. The Ceilings should as well considered because they bring an impact on the lighting in the rooms in our homes.

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It is a sheetrock celling the paper on the back of the sheetrock can be a food source for mold. That should be removed and replaced with new drywall. Then drywall tape should be applied and the ceiling should be skim coated with joint compound, to blend the drywall into the existing ceiling. If the ceiling is plaster the repair will be easier because plaster doesn’t have food for mold.

Regardless of what ceiling is made off, finish the job with a fresh coat of paints across the entire ceiling.

Floorings and Replacement of Carpets.

When selling a home one feature that buyers will focus their attention on, is on the floor. in fact, flooring can make a break from the sale of the home if not checked on. Furniture, floorings becomes even more important as it is the first thing you see on entering the house. Flooring brings a good impact on real estate sales.

Any improvement should either improve the home value and help the house sell faster. Hardwood floors just add another level of quality to a home. Check the carpet for cleanliness has to observe by our buyers and one has to take note of that. A high percentage of buyers have been seen to prefer the hardwood floors so I would consider that as well more so in the main living areas.

The hardwood floors are preferred because it is considered strong, lasting and attractive to the buyers who we want to impress. if it is well done and in good shape, the buyers will fall for it. A home value can also be downgraded quite a bit if the flooring sticks out like a sore thumb. When the carpets are dirty and smelly, pet odors and stains can be a huge turn-off and may even turn some buyers away. The new buyer will be impressed with the new look and value of the home and that will make u good dollars from your home.


In summary real estate has been the most improved and developed business in Kenya. When one is planning to his or her home for sale u have to countercheck the whole home from the interiors to the exterior. Simple renovation should be considered in the home where necessary for the impression of our buyers. Therefore all rooms should be well checked and corrected because one outdated room can stand out to hurt a sale. Before you do any last-minute work, set a budget and make sure you finish what you started. With that, a good investment will have been made from the home.

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