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How Ardhisasa is changing the process of purchase and sale of properties in Kenya

How Ardhisasa is changing the process of purchase and sale of properties in Kenya

Ardhisasa, what changed?

introduction of Ardhisasa platform, many things have changed on how people are
doing land or property transactions. Before then, you would see many people
especially lawyers, investors, property owners and brokers gathering outside
Ardhi house with big files in their hands. These people would be seeking for
different services ranging from land search, replacement of title, registration
of certificate of titles among others. Now, most of these services has been put
in one platform called Ardhisasa, an online platform that allows Citizens,
other stakeholders and interested parties to interact with land information
held and processes undertaken by Government.

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the click of a button citizens will carry out various land transactions,
drastically reducing human interaction, delays and all other inconveniences
that Kenyans have had to endure in our land registries,” President said.

that have been moved online
on Ardhisasa

  1. Transfer of
  2. Issuance of consent
  3. Valuation requests
  4. Payment &
    issuance of land rent clearance certificate.
  5. Payments of stamp
  6. Registration &
    consent fees
  7. Application and
    withdrawal of caution/caveats/restrictions
  8. Registration of land
    documents and searches

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But what
happens to those people whom their land parcels have not been updated?

If your
land parcel has not been updated in to the Ardhisasa system, you have to
register your parcel by adding your property details on the system and wait for
your parcel to be verified by the ministry. No manual transaction can be done
to parcels within Nairobi County. Even search cannot be conducted successfully.

transaction can however, only be done for parcels outside Nairobi County and
for the parcel in LR format. It is good to note that; LR are parcels registered
under the old regimes or repealed laws, Block parcels are parcels registered
under the new Land Act 2012. Some of the repealed legislations included the
Government Lands Act (Cap. 280), the Registration of Titles Act (Cap. 281), the
Land Titles Act (Cap. 282) and the Registered Land Act (Cap. 300).

for parcels in LR format are done manually at Central Land registry at the
ministry of land. To transact on parcels in NAIROBI/BLOCK format, navigate to
My property section in the Ardhisasa platform and add your property details
then wait for a verification notification from the Ministry. Once the parcel
has been verified you will be in a position to transact on your parcel on Ardhisasa.

verification process involves cross-referencing and verifying data from three
departments (Land Administration, Survey, and Land Registration. The process is
still ongoing. Once the details are verified you will receive a notification.
The notification will be done via phone, email
address and on your Ardhisasa account.


a search at central registry is free. The requirements for a manual search are;

filled Application for Official search Form. You can click this link to get the


certificate (copy)

card (copy) for the applicant if Kenyan.

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The ministry can also be reached on p
hone: 0743922876.

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