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How Much Land Do You Need To Build

How Much Land Do You Need To Build

Some people prefer building to buying a property in Kenya. While others prefer to buy an already completed house to save on settlement time. If you prefer building your home or income property, consider acquiring land enough to fit your property.This blog will show you the size of land you should have before you start building your home or income property in Kenya. Property254 primarily aims to educate you about real estate investment and buying homes in Kenya. We also have listings of land for sale you can buy in Kenya. 

How Much Land Do You Need To Build Income Property

A good land-to-building ratio is usually above 2:1. This means that the land size should be at least two times the size of the apartment. Equally, an acre of land will be enough to build an income property unless you want to invest in big projects. An acre of land is equivalent to 4046.86 sq. metres. 

However, most income property investors buy parcels of land in terms of plots. For instance, you can buy a plot measuring 50 feet by 100 feet, which will be enough to build one storey building.

An income property is an investment that aims to bring in money for the investor. Income properties are residential, commercial, or industrial properties.  When investing in income property in Kenya, it’s essential to know the size of land you need to build your property. 

The land size depends on the type of income property you will build. For instance, an industrial estate will require a larger land due to the activities associated with the premises. On the other hand, a residential property may take less land, especially with storey buildings.

Furthermore, a commercial building can also take up less space, especially if it’s storey.
However, before you build any income property in Kenya, you should get a licence from the National Construction Authority(NCA).  

How Much Land Do You Need To Build a Home

When building a personal residential home, consider getting a larger piece of land where you will have enough space. A more recommended land-to-building ratio for a home is 4:1. This ratio implies that the land will be four times the size of the land. 

A big land at home is an excellent way to expand it in other profitable means. For instance, if you have a big home compound, you can rear chickens, do dairy farming, and have a small kitchen garden to help you save money for groceries.

An acre of land is slightly above half of a football pitch. Therefore, an acre of land is enough to build a home and still manage to do other activities in the compound.

However, you should hire a professional architect to plan your land and ensure you don’t misuse it. An architect can help you save your one-acre land and enable it to fit other buildings like cowsheds, chicken houses, etc.


The land you need to build a property depends on the uses of the property. Therefore, it’s essential to understand what you want to do with your property before planning to build. 

In addition, ensure you work with an architect to help you plan your land accordingly. And remember to use modern tools like 3D models to utilise your space to the maximum. 

Finally, don’t forget to peruse our land listings so you can buy and build your income property or your home.

How Much Land Do You Need To Build: Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1 acre mean?

An acre of land equals 4046.86 sq. metres or 43560 sq. feet.

How many plots of 50 by 100 feet are in one acre of land?

A 50 by 100 feet plot equals an eighth of an acre. Therefore, one acre has 8 plots of 50 by 100 feet. 

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