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How To Be Successful Real Estate Agent in Kenya

How To Be Successful Real Estate Agent in Kenya

The Real Estate Industry is constantly changing in Kenya, this means that as new Investors or new agents we have to work an extra mile to know how we will archive our goals which success comes as one. Success comes with how you plan yourself and how you accomplish them. the aim that one has in the business leads to a successful Real Estate Agent.

Knowing when to follow conventional wisdom and when to pursue new tactics will help you create successful real estate. Always work smart and never underestimate expenses and overestimate income for this fails many.

1. Be available and Set Goals.

You might be working with several clients at the same time but if you don’t give your attention to all of them you might end up having none. Just as a front office executive does his or her job you have to try and work the same. Always be available when needed and when not able to pick calls on time kindly to a follow up to solve any issues arising.

It is also important to ask the clients how to reach them or how to easily communicate with them. Clients will always feel respected and treated specially as their opinions are also considered. Always set goals that you want to work towards and note them down somewhere for this is important for all real estate entrepreneurs who what’s to succeed. Setting goals will help you know when your business is improving, how to hold up competition among other challenges in business.

2. Developing a Business Plan.

For a good business owner, one needs to have a business plan that will guide the business. For a good beginning, a business plan is more important. Don’t let your enthusiasm for getting a client right away keep you from important business organizing and planning tasks. Take time to understand your market and customers know their likes and dislikes and all these will walk you through a successful business.

Understand your business and know what sets you apart from the real estate agent, develop the right tools and skills to ensure that your business grows. Always stick to your plan make sure it is archivable but not easy because it is not a career with instant gratification. Always remember that you can’t control buyers, sellers, or even the market but you can control your effort.

3. Implement Small Business Systems.

Most of the real estate agents are independent contractors and being in control of your own growth leads to success and means you are thinking like a small business rather than as an employee. Work towards long-term goals, and also learn what you can about marketing. Create a business that is portable, able to move and grow with you. With that, you will be able to weather various changes in the market.

Most small businesses are always structured they follow a strict process, they have well-defined strategies to work with and this makes them moving and earning good money despite how small the business is. They focus on customers’ needs. Don’t be afraid of trying out new things just be sure and test new processes so that you can stick to what works and do away with what doesn’t.

4. Team Up with Other Real Estate Agents.

As always said, two heads are better than one.” There must be truth to it when it comes to the real estate industry. When you team up with other real estate agents, it will help you grow your business in one or two different ways other than thinking alone. You will get different helpful ideas from different agents that will work well for you. And that will ultimately help you increase your profit and succeed in your business.

Being a new agent, you may have not gone through some challenges that may be the older agents have gone through teaming up will help deal with this. It will help you get an overall feel of what the market is and other issues that you will come across as a new inventor. It allows you to benefit from market knowledge, experience, and clientele.

5. Don’t Only Focus on Selling.

Within selling a property or something else, one is always in a good position to add a lot in the process. You can build good business relations, through that you can have chances to get referrals for your business, market ideas among many more. So be wise. Try to build your connection with buyers so that they can feel comfortable and build their trust in you. So, don’t let selling be the only focus.

       6. Work on your social media platforms.

Real estate is an industry that has really developed by being present on social media. Social media have platforms where you will post your properties, do online marketing, and with all these your business will eventually grow. Here are some platforms that you should join as a new real estate agent to boost your success.

         LinkedIn: This is one of the best places to do networking with your qualified team in your industry. A good place to note good entrepreneurs to work with and as well ask questions.

       Facebook: Facebook is also another social media platform that has good number of users. You can advertise your job on this platform by either showing your properties and discussing what you offer. It is a platform that one will use to make his/her dreams come true.

       Instagram: This is a platform that majorly contains a young generation. Tap into your more creative side and create a visually appealing profile by uploading interiors and exteriors shots from your open houses.

       Twitter: Keep your clients up to date, keep them posted in life with Twitter. Go direct to your point and business and you will walk through it.

       7. Don’t Comfort to Negative Stereotypes About the Real Estate Agents.

There are many stereotypes out there who have negativities on the real estate agents try to forget about them because if they are given attention, they bring a huge downfall. So, it is crucial to be aware of these stereotypes but you need to know what you are up to archiving. Try to reach all your client and make good time schedules to meet your clients. When working with your clients, ensure that you explain to them that you are not only after commission but interested in educating buyers and sellers in all areas of the process. Setting goals and ensuring that you know how most agents are so that you are not desperate for their business.

By acknowledging that, you are aware of the common concern buyers have about working with a real estate agent and demonstrating how different you are from the stereotypes you can move on much faster.


There are many attractive ways of becoming a successful real estate agent. It only requires time and effort. The goals you set for yourself and for your business will help you navigate your path to success. The above-listed steps are just to guide you to walk through your way as an entrepreneur.

Great agents work tirelessly to find novel ways to market their business generate new leads and retain clients. Learn about new technology and find ways to incorporate it into your daily practices. Success never comes easy it entails effort, Commitment, and struggles.

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