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How to Persuade Tough Clients to Buy your Real Estate Property

How to Persuade Tough Clients to Buy your Real Estate Property

As real estate agents, we are trying to convince our customers to buy the properties we have. Whether we are selling land or selling houses, learning how to get others to buy is important.

Here are 10 ways to persuade others to buy from you.

1. Be willing to take a deposit.

Real estate is one of the most capital-intensive business ventures and investments. At times, most customers do not have enough money to buy the property outright. These customers could be willing to complete the sale if given more time.

Providing the customers the ability to pay in installments spread over time could be a way to get them to buy. You may provide a 3-, six- or 12-months repayment period when selling land. When selling houses, a longer period may be ideal as buying a house need much more money.

2. Create a fear of missing out.

The world’s properties are all distinctive in some way. Although this may not be obvious to a buyer. There are always things you can do to make people think your property is “one in a million.”

Let the customer know the number of inquiries you have been receiving on the property for sale. You can also identify why the price, size and location are hard to find. Let the customer know that there have been many inquiries.

But do not lie.

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3. Highlight the upcoming economic wins

Let the customer know of any new developments that make buying the property a good deal. When dealing with land for sale, explain upcoming developments. These include roads, schools and police stations. This helps to explain the potential price increases to the customer.

When selling a house, explain factors like the growing presence of Airbnb. This will help the customer see how the house can fetch income if listed on Airbnb. Let the customer know of opportunities like furnishing the house and letting it.

4. Be Responsible in Your Transaction

When buying and selling properties, there are laws to follow. Do not be in a rush to sell and then skip some of these steps. These steps include conducting due diligence, signing agreements or making a down payment. If legal support is needed, do not hesitate to let the customer know.

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Let the customer follow the due process to enhance the level of trust.

5. Listen to Your Clients wants

You may gain very little by speeding your purchasers to shop for a property. Create trust and let the buyer understand that you’re operating in their best interest. See things from the customers perspective. This way, you can recommend properties that best suit their wants. That way, customers feel valued, and they appreciate you a lot.

6. Talk from expertise, bank on your information

A broker’s business relies on experience. A buyer would need to make certain that you have sound information. When speaking to customers, back your conversations with facts. you must be ready to state different aspects of the property you’re pitching to them.

7. Be Kind and Helpful

People feel compelled to give when they receive something. How can you use this in your company? Being kind, helpful, and giving is all there is to it.

I have spent hours of my life freely sharing information (take this blog, for example). People can tell when someone is being helpful even if there isn’t a direct financial benefit. If you put this into action, you’ll discover that it’s not hard to find people who can assist you when you’re in need.

8. Show your authority

Credibility and the capacity to show your expertise are both prerequisites for authority. Because there are so many “wanna-be experts on the internet. These “wanna-be” agents talk big but have no experience or outcomes to back them up.

Having enough expertise is crucial. You don’t have to be an expert, but you do need to understand the subject at hand.

Create a well-designed website to further build your brand. A website helps build confidence in the people about you. This increases success as you can show evidence that you can be trusted.

9. Become Reliable and Likeable.

Once you’ve gained commitment, follow up with customers. You can do this by reminding them of your agreement. When trying to sell a house, these are some of the greatest leads you may pursue.

We are much more likely to say yes to people we like, and the fact is we tend to like people who are similar to us, who make us feel good, or who help us achieve what were looking to do. Build this with your customers so that they can call you back.

10. Ask for reviews and recommendations

It is a good practice to ask for feedback once you have closed the deal. If you have a website, ask a satisfied customer for their recommendation. These reviews may be the difference that shows your experience and service quality.


As with any other form of sale, you must have the authority to sell the property. You then need to know how to convince a homebuyer to make a deal. By following the steps above, you can sell the property easily.

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