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How to write attention grabbing property descriptions

How to write attention grabbing property descriptions

Good real estate property descriptions help to sell property faster. As a real estate agent, it’s important to understand how and why you need an ability to write inspiring real estate listing description.

You may have a property that is priced right, in the right location but still struggle to sell it if the description is not good enough. You need to have the description explain why the property for sale isis the bargain of a lifetime. We shall in this article help you learn how to write inspiring descriptions that motivate a buyer to action.

Structure for writing the best property descriptions

Most properties online tend to be similar both in description and features. The first goal is to thus appear different and unique. This helps you stand out from the crowd so that you can be noticed.

Real estate property descriptions have a standard structure:

1.       Compelling Headline

2.       A descriptive narrative of property features

3.       Any Special promotions being offered

4.       Strong call to action

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Now, from the above basic structure let us get into the details of each.

Compelling Headline

Chances are you are posting your property in several platforms. These include listing websites like BuyrentKenya, Property24 or you may have already registered to list with us. To stand out from other properties posted within these websites, then you require an eye-catching, different-looking headline.

Remember, you only have one shot to gain buyer attention so that they notice your property. You thus have a split second to stand out. What will make your advert stick out like a sore thumb? Some tips include:

Make it short and sweet: The headline should be short, essentially less than 10 words.

Evoke Emotions: Make sure the words evoke the right emotions to elicit a response from potential customers. Use of words like amazing, well furnished, majectic, can generate more interest. Compare these two headlines.

House for sale in Kitengela with an SQ.


5-bedroom all en-suite house in Kitengela with high end finishes.

 Which headline is better? The second one, right?

When writing headlines, remember to use  title case  and not CAPS as Google prefers title case. Also, don’t use full stops and multiple !!! (Exclamation marks)

A descriptive narrative of property features.

The first sentence in the description of your property should get right to the point and inform what the listing is all about. An example is:

This is a stunning 5 bedroomed home located 2 Kilometers from Kitengela near good schools, served by all-weather roads and public transport.


This is a pleasant newly completed home with high end finishes, ensuite bathrooms an open kitchen plan and spectacular views of the Nairobi national park.

These two opening statements provide the prospective clients with a quick answer to whether the property is what they are looking for and helps them decide if they should continue reading. After a good opening statement, you then describe the property features. In this area, you give the primary features while also providing inspiring and compelling description.

Primary features for your property include: total number of bedrooms and bathrooms, sizefootage, actual location and any amenities or unique characteristics like scenic views, terrace, garden). Consider the two examples below to help you create an inspiring and compelling description:

Example #1: 5-bedroom Bungalow for sale in Kitengela, with a separate SQ. The house is newly completed and in a block of 10 flats making this a gated neighborhood.


Example #2: Delightful 5-bedroom bungalow for sale in Kitengela with a separate Servant quarters. All the bedrooms are en-suite and the master bedroom has a jacuzzi. Kitchen is open plan with granite finishes. The house has breathtaking views of the Nairobi National Park. This house is built on a quarter acre giving you enough parking and a garden. The house has a fireplace where you can cozy with a good book. The neighborhood is complete with outstanding schools, malls, banks and public transport. The house is 200 meters from tarmac and served by an all-weather road. Get to Nairobi within 30 minutes.

I know the above description takes more time to prepare, but I assure you that it’s worth the effort. Once you have completed reading, remember to proof read.

Indicate any special promotion

To sell fast, indicate any additional incentives for potential buyers to take action. Here are some examples:

Free viewing and site visits available

Bank financing can be arranged

Installment payments available to serious buyers

Free nyama choma/mbuzi on purchase.

Free 4 gas burner and fridge on purchase.

Call to action

At the end, we all want the customer to call you. End with a strong call to the customer indicating how you want them to act. Go ahead and ask the customers to Call now!

What not to do.

When making the descriptions, remember to be factual. Do not try to create a hype or oversell the property. Customers have become wise and know when you are exaggerating features to get a sale.

Also, do not lie in your real estate ads or overpromise.

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There is a big difference between overselling and painting a positive picture about a property. If you oversell, it’s easy to tarnish your reputation and create enemies in the industry. The goal is to tell why the property is an amazing opportunity and then leave the customer to connect the dots and realize that your property is exactly what they need.

Help customers to see themselves in your property and then step back so that the customers can decide if what you are selling is the right property for them.

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