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Online Land Search in Kenya through Ardhisasa

Online Land Search in Kenya through Ardhisasa

Land Search in Kenya

A land
search is a vital due diligence step if you are considering purchasing land in
Kenya. In the past, several people have lost millions after being sold fake or
stolen land parcels. Others have found themselves purchasing land that has
pending issues, such as court cases.

an online land search means checking the title deed of the parcel you are
considering to verify its ownership. Once verified, you can proceed to make a
transaction. You can also search your title deed to find out if you are the
rightful owner of the land, you currently possess.


Below is
a look at how to check a title deed online in Kenya through the Ardhisasa


1)        Go to the Ardhisasa website on your
computer or smartphone.

2)        Log into your account (or create one
using the steps above and then log in).

3)        On the Ardhisasa dashboard, select the
“Search Property” option.

4)        Enter the title deed number and other
information requested on the online land search form.

5)        Confirm that the information is correct,
then submit the form.

6)        Make the necessary payment and await
verification. Once the payment goes through, you can print the results of the

The cost
of land search.

ministry of lands Kenya online search is a paid feature, which costs Ksh 500
per search. The money is payable through M-PESA, ATM card, or credit card. The
payment platform is fully integrated into the Ardhisasa platform, with all the
instructions on how to pay provided.

How to
access a service that I need on Ardhisasa

access a service on this platform, the user is required to navigate to the
service tab that offers it i.e., the National Land Commission or the Ministry
of Lands and Physical Planning. 
the options provided, the applicant can locate a service of interest. Each
application contains additional FAQs for further guidance.

How are
payments made on Ardhisasa? 
payments are done on Ardhisasa. You do not have to log out to make payments to
either the bank or the Ministry.

enquiries, please visit
Ardhi House, Off Ngong
Rd: P.O. Box 30450-00100, Nairobi,Kenya or email:
The ministry can also be reached on p

In case of more information, keep
visiting our website
or call us on 0726982982 or on email through

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