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Selecting a Real Estate Agent; Top Tips to Consider

Selecting a Real Estate Agent; Top Tips to Consider

Once you have made up your mind on investing in real estate industry, you may need a guide. As easy as it seems to invest in real estate, selection of a good agent is the basic. Buying and selling of property may be easier for a person who has done it before. A person who needs to venture into that business for the first time may need to select a real estate agent to ease the process and for the purposes of introduction to the market. Whether you are buying or selling the property, such agents will help in guiding you over some essentials such as; buying and building a house, the pro and cons of each method, property inspections while at the same time taking you through valuation of properties. Here are some of the few things you need to look out for when selecting a real estate agent in Kenya.

A knowledgeable real estate agent

While selecting a real estate agent, it is always advisable to go for the agent who has a vast knowledge on real estate. If you are selling property, selecting an agent who knows the market well would be the best. It may help you have a fair pricing and not lose customers. The same way it may work when buying properties as it helps you reduce chances of overpayments.


Real estate business is mostly about relationships you create with your clients as well as fellow agents, if you happen to be an agent. When selecting a real estate agent, highlights that it is necessary if an agent had a number of clients that they can refer to, in order to prove of their satisfactory work done before. You may also want to view referencing as a way you ask friends and family of their previous experiences and sometimes may use their agents based on how they worked with them in the process of buying and selling of property

Terms and conditions of a contract

If you want to succeed in real estate business, then contracts are a way to go by. Before buying or selling that property,  it is better if you understood how the agent works as well as the agent understanding how you need to work out things on your end. A contract will define on appropriate fees you pay them as well as duration they may be working with you. You get to decide what if the real estate agent is suitable for you.


Choose a real estate agent who has a connection with you. When selecting a real estate agent, chemistry is the key. If you disagree from the start, then the whole business won’t work out. The connection you create with your real estate agent matters. Again, you may want to choose a real estate agent who will work according to your schedule and has a solid plan. Make sure that the real estate agent will be available when you need them. There is nothing that frustrates business than a partner who is not pro active. Your real estate agent should be viewed more as a partner in business.


During the process of searching and getting to select a real estate agent, trust is very key. Interestingly, you can rule this out by how the real estate agent asks you questions and how they answer you back. Trust goes with passion as well as honesty. If the real estate agent shows some elements of red flags, rule out such to avoid complications when it gets to business.


As you select your real estate agent, know that there are many real estate agents out there. Each of them is a person based on their own knowledge, skills and personality. They have their own strengths and weaknesses.  Take time to choose your preferred real estate agent. You can also have a look at our recommended real estate agent on our website listing


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