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Selling Land in Kenya:  6 easy steps on how to sell faster.

Selling Land in Kenya: 6 easy steps on how to sell faster.

The best thing about it is that all the resources that are
required are readily available. Here are some tips that will help you sell your
land so fast

1.       Have a good land description

Have a catchy headline. Your headline is the first thing
people will see when searching for property. It should include key features of
the land you are advertising like the size , location and probably the price.
Next have a very good description of your land. Mention all the features of the
land and all important amenities present in the neighborhood such as the age
bracket of the people who live there, schools, shopping malls, hospitals etc. A
description should leave a property seeker curious to want to inquire more
about your property.

2.       Have good photos

The only way to showcase your land online is by posting
photos. What people see online is what determines if they want to see the land in
person. Therefore, high quality photos are encouraged. If your images are
poorly lit, or too small to see anything, people will move on to the next
listing. The best thing is to look for a photographer to take professional photos.
If possible take a video to showcase it better. Learn more on how
to take real estate photos

3.       Make a strong first impression

The first impression is what really matters. Before you
decide on taking buyers on a site visit. You need to make the land look presentable. Present to
buyers a land that has its potential.

It might not be as perfect, but try to trim overgrown trees
and bushes and grass that could make it hard for someone to see the beauty and
the value of your property. You can go ahead and plant some good grass and wildflowers.
 You can also create walking paths to allow
the potential buyer to have a clear view of the land and neighborhood.

4.       Do proper pricing of the land

The price of the land is one of the key things that a buyer
will look at. The process of selling land is more often derailed by poor
pricing strategy than any other factor.  Before
setting the price for your land it is advisable to research the market prices
around the market prices around your environment to avoid overpricing or underpricing.
 To get accurate valuation seek advice from
knowledgeable agents or hire an assessor.

5.       Have proper documentation

It’s always good to be prepared as the property owner. The
other important document that you must have is the title deed. Tittle deed is
the actual proof of ownership and if t’s not ready at the point of purchase the
buyer is likely not to make payments.

 After all the
payments for the property are made to the seller, you will need to sign a title
transfer document. This document is the one used to transfer the ownership of
the property from the owner to the buyer.

The other important document that the buyer will require is
seller’s identification card. This is for the buyer to know the land owner. See
all documents that customers will need when buying a land

6.       Market your land

Sometimes it’s hard for people to do business with someone
they have never heard of. That’s why marketing strategies are important, even
in real estate world.

When everything is set, it’s always good to make your
product known. These are some of the ways that you can make your land be known.

it within your network

Let your locals know you are selling a land. When your network
knows about your land that is on sale, you create better chances of getting
buyers. Make your friends to know about it, let them know about your social
media posts. Ask them to share with their friends too.

Put a
sign on your land

Put up a sign in highly visible spot and
make sure it is easy to read from a distance. Use a customized instead of the
normally used generic ‘For sale’ sign. On the sign board include your contact information,
size and key property feature.

media platforms

Creating a strong social media presence is an essential part
of your overall marketing strategy .It allows you to get reach to a large
number of people within a very short time. It’s actually the easiest and the
cheapest marketing strategy. The most popular used social media channels
include Facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and pintrest. They help you attract the right customers with
the right information at the right time and help you showcase your land to
potential customers at the right times. Learn more on social media tips for real estate companies 

Create social media pages and grow it by simply being
consistent and posting interesting and relatable content for your audience. See
also tips
to improve your online visibility and follower  engagement

for the best land listing sites

It’s always good to use the resources provided by the
internet. There variety of listing sites that allows users to post their lands
that is sale. These sites are created to advertise or list properties. They
make it easy to reach broader audience who turn to buyers. Most of them are user-friendly. Some are charged while others are free. Thousands of real estate agents in Kenya list their properties on premier Agent  site for free.


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