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Steps to Improve Your Video SEO Keywords Planning Strategy

Steps to Improve Your Video SEO Keywords Planning Strategy

When looking at the video statistics, it shows us how important video has become nowadays. Many people create content with the use of videos, and this has made many people visit different websites. Therefore, getting your videos optimized and discovered is a good strategy to begin with. Below are some steps to guide you in optimizing your video’s SEO keyword strategy.

1.      Asking

2.      Know your audience

3.      Testing

4.      Compare the keyword difficulties

5.      Choose the right format for your videos

6.      Creating long-tail keywords

7.      Conversion of your videos to text

8.      Let keywords drive the content process


When you have an idea and you need to implement it somewhere for you to benefit from it, then you need to sit down, think, and ask yourself a good number of questions that you will be in a good position to answer when working on the SEO planning strategy. Do you need to ask yourself things like, How will a viewer search for your content? What will your content contain that will drive traffic to your website? Among many other things, plus the solutions to your questions.

Know your audience

This is another important step in improving your video planning strategy because before people get attracted by your videos they first need to understand who they are doing it for, reasons as to why, and where are the people who will be attracted to it based?

Planning strategies should be well done to impress the target audience. Understanding the topics that are most important to customers is the first step to narrowing down the keywords that are most likely to drive them to your site.


Always consider working after making a good test to multiple combination options similar to your desired concept that is on the search engines. Do the research and look at the top-performing websites and videos listed for each search to assess the market competition the ranking difficulties.

Consider using keyword ranking tools that you can use to evaluate the keyword traffic in your website because Google will provide you with an excellent tool with their keyword planner.

Compare the Keyword difficulties

For you to have more information, there are keywords analysis tools where you can measure difficulty and analyze search strategies further. You can work with Moz research tool among others which will help you in refining your strategies.

Choose the right format for your videos

A content format that works so well on YouTube definitely will be a good tutorial instead of sticking to some boring troubleshooting product setup videos.  There are suitable videos for each and every product being marketed which opens up for a client to see the importance of the video as well as on the product so formatting for your videos should be well observed.

Creating a long-tail keywords

Always remember the long-tail keyword because they always ensure that you refine further and that your audience is targeted with more defined search engines that lead to higher conversion rates. Another good importance of the long-tail keywords is that they have lower volume than the short-terms and they also have less competition. If you use the long-tail keywords you are guaranteed to make good money rather than aiming for competitions in different markets. And they also make a good percentage of the total online searches.

Conversion of your videos to text

Your content will only be good as it is exposed to different websites and search engines can not do this for you, they can read it if you provide the video written transcript. Include a captioned transcript to your video then your keyword exposure for search engines will crawl. After that make sure you add the transcript directly to the body of the video page because that is how your video will be turned to text.

Let keyword drive the content process

Many SEO content strategies involve optimizing SEO content after writing a blog post then going back to find the relevant keywords to the plugin. Once you have created a keyword list has been created, then marketers can always review it to help identify opportunities for fresh content ideas either in video form or any other.

You need to know that anything you created will have a target phrase from the beginning till the end while it removes the scramble for keywords later on.


No one should underestimate the importance ok keyword strategy and planning because it has a lot of benefits to your viewers. And when not worked on it won’t reach your full return of investments potential. A good keyword strategy is the first step towards getting the exposure that you want. Using the above steps, you will become so good at video SEO planning keyword strategies.

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