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The Most Strategic Place to Buy a Commercial plot. Mwihoko – Kiambu County

The Most Strategic Place to Buy a Commercial plot. Mwihoko – Kiambu County

I suppose you have been looking for a place to buy a commercial plot near Nairobi City. Well, look no further as, after having done conclusive research and having made major considerations that one should make before buying a commercial plot in Kenya, I have settled to a very strategically located place, Mwihoko. In Kiambu County, Ruiru Constituency.
Some of these Considerations include: –
• Location
• Number and types of businesses around Mwihoko
• Infrastructural development
• Plot earning potential
• Population
• Price
1. Location.  
Mwihoko is located approximately 22 kilometers from the biggest city in Kenya, Nairobi city. Therefore anyone living in or around the city can and most do commute daily to their place of work in Mwihoko.
 Mwihoko is also located approximately 2 kilometers from the 11,000 acres of land where the biggest city in East and Central Africa (The Northlands city) is set to be built.
Northlands mall is also set to be built in this city on a 33 acres piece of land. 695 acres is where the Northlands Industrial Park will be built. This will see places like mwihoko rise up in value drastically.
2. Number and types of businesses around Mwihoko.
There are many companies and businesses in and around Mwihoko which absorb a huge number of employees. This calls for decent apartments as most workers prefer to live closer to their workplace.
This also means that businesses will relocate to Mwihoko as there is the availability of commercial spaces unlike in other towns. So setting up warehouses, offices or any commercial building will be to the investor’s advantage.
3. Infrastructural development.
There are 4 major roads that connect Mwihoko with the surrounding areas. These major roads include the Eastern bypass which is now becoming due carriage. You can also access Mwihoko from Kahawa Sukari, from Githurai 45, and from Kasarani Mwiki which are now all tarmacked.
The place is also really developed as there are government institutions, commercial and residential buildings built, and others in progress.
4. Plot earning potential.
Considering the complete, ongoing, and upcoming projects in and around Mwihoko, almost all plots here, have a very high return on the initial investment possibility. That of course will depend on what kind of building you as an investor will erect.
The good thing is, you have a wide variety of buildings you can select to erect, which will obviously depend on what business or market you are targeting, you can erect either a retail, office, warehouse, industrial, apartment, or a combination of either of the buildings.
These types of buildings have different earning potential but here in Mwihoko either will do considerably well.
5. Population
The population in Mwihoko is increasing day in day out. Due to the increased population in Mwihoko, the government has seen the need to add 2 more primary schools in the ward.
An increase in population means an increase in demand for almost everything in any given area.
6. Price
If you compare the prices of 1/8 of an acre on most online listing platforms in Kenya like which happens to be the most popular, you will note that the price ranges from 2 million to around 4 million Kenya shillings.
This is very a fair price if you consider the possibility of the high return on investment of the plot of land once developed.
Investing in property and more so in commercial property requires one to be so keen with any decision you make as an investor. Failure to do this will see you enter into losses or make very negligible profits. The information above is intended to make it easier for you in the decision-making process of where and what to consider when investing in a commercial plot. If you find any problem or are in need of any help regarding real estate feel free to contact us or post a comment below.

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