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To hire or not hire a real estate agent in Kenya. The Pros and Cons

To hire or not hire a real estate agent in Kenya. The Pros and Cons

Decision of selling a house might be one of those difficult one especially if it is your very first time to try it out. It may cross the mind of many homeowners. Deciding whether to sell a home or not requires a constructive choice. The choice might be tricky in its own way and real estate terms to refer to such a choice of selling you house without an agent is Sale by Owner. As much there are some advantages of selling your own house, it is also necessary to realize that there are pitfalls for the same. Whether you are considering selling your house through an agent or not, you may need to know the following before you get to the market.


It helps save money

Of course having an agent means that there are some amounts that will be needed to pay out. When you decide to sell your own house by yourself, you save such a cost. The cost of advertisement is on you as well as the marketing strategies. You therefore eliminate all the loopholes that would cost you in terms of money when you sell the house by yourself. Not having realtors maybe cheaper to sell your house as you save on commission paid to them.

There is some degree of control

Selling your own house can give you some degree of control through the whole process. There are so many benefits that are attached to selling a house privately-that is as the owner. You get to meet the clients, explain your house and add what feels like the best part of the home, you get to negotiate the house to your preferred amount and some degree of control is felt. In short, you have your freedom in your house transaction. To clients, it also feels like dealing with the owner some degree of trust and therefore making the transactions easier. You might have heard of clients who insists on knowing the owner of a certain property in order to purchase it. They get such lucky when they get to know the owner.


Wasting time

Real estate marketing, from listing, advertisement as well as the negotiation and transfer process is never easy. It requires a lot of time. It may waste a lot of your own time as a home owner. Real estate agents have a wide range of clients and are good at advertisement and marketing. Furthermore, they are very conversant with real estate platforms. Instead of using a lot of time while selling your home by yourself, you could otherwise hire a credible real estate to save on your time in the process of selling your home. In fact, real estate agents are well networked and may find a client a lot easier.

Lack of enough market knowledge

Deciding on selling you home does not guarantee the fact that you are knowledgeable in the real estate industry neither does googling it amount to acquiring of knowledge. Real estate agents have interacted with the different kind of markets-the sellers market, the buyers market and the neutral market. They therefore know when your house would fetch the highest and when it could be on average pricing.

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