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Top things to consider when searching for property online in Kenya

Top things to consider when searching for property online in Kenya

to technological advances, prospective buyers can search for a location without
having to be in the same city, state, or country. Here are
9 things a person should
keep in mind when looking for his or her best property online.         

Select a trusted website

looking for your ideal property, be sure to use a reputable property search site
such as Private Property. Scammers are very common on the Internet, so it is
important that you have access to well-managed websites and have little chance
of fraud.

if you are on a well-known site, make sure that you do your best to find the
right property. Note the grammar and any inconsistencies that may arise. Use
your understanding and remember, if something does not feel right, it may not

Check Location

where you want to purchase your property. The great thing about building a property
portal like Premier Agent, is
that it automatically fills in the name of the property
or the location you want. In addition, Premier
has a
section on their website, which gives you more insight into various parts of Kenya,
so you can learn more about this area and make an informed purchase decision.
Location is important factor when buying land in Kenya

Have a price list

for property online will be easier if you have price list. Make sure you look
for a property with less your budget and more your budget. You may find a good
deal on property less your budget although it needs renovations to become a
better home, you win on price. You can find a good
real estate agent
with open negotiations on the property which is more your

Use search parameters

looking for property online, as shown earlier, location and budget are very
important. You can apply this by using search methods. You can search for
products within specified prices in real estate, and locations. You can also
look for specific items, such as pet items, accommodation costs, toilets,
garages, car parking, security, and utilities.

Sign up for alerts

yourself updated. Subscribe to receive notifications whenever a new property in
the area you specify is added to the property website. The updates will be sent
to your email or phone hence making it easier for you to have more property

 Write down a property list

will find endless properties online with best price, good location you are
looking for. It is always a good idea to have many options before committing to
a particular property. A good starting number is five, and you can narrow it
down from there to two or three properties you want to see in person.

Think about preservation

looking at buildings online is not the same as looking at them in person, you
can still get an idea of ​​what the property looks like in photos Check out
different rooms, cabinets, wardrobes and carpets to see how beautiful and
high-quality they are. Think first whether or not you have the money to make
such all the purchase. Things like ponds and gardens are important to consider
when considering renovations as they also take a lot of work and money.

Look at the property in person

inspect the property in person before pressing the pen against the paper. You
won’t know what you’re getting yourself into until you see the property in
person. While images and tours might give you a good impression of what a
property looks like, nothing beats actually seeing it for yourself.

 Verify the property agents

you come up with your best property, you need to verify the real estate agent. Check
the real estate agent ratings on all social media platforms. If the agent has
poor ratings you need to find another agent. To check if an estate agent or
agency is registered, visit the Estate Agency Affairs Board’s (EAAB) website
and enter the agent’s or agency’s name.


avoid disappointment and regret, it’s important to take your time before making
any decisions when buying or selling a property. To be on the safe side, use
online portals
wisely and consult a professional whenever possible.

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