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5 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas That Work

5 Real Estate Content Marketing Ideas That Work

In real estate, you can generate leads through content marketing. Most realtors who blog implement content marketing ideas that help drive sales for their property listings. Content marketing can help you build your brand at little cost compared to TV and Radio advertisements.

It’s easy to succeed in real estate when you learn to search for clients where they hang out. This blog shows you 5 strategic real estate content marketing ideas that will help you drive leads to your business.

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The 5 Content Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

1. Write an eBook

An eBook is a book you present to your readers electronically. For instance, you can share a copy of your book using the PDF format on Facebook for your audience to download and read. 

In addition, you can publish your book on the Amazon Kindle store and sell it. The idea here is to become a published author, which helps you build trust with your followers.

When people reach your property business through an eBook, they likely trust your business. As a result, they will be willing to do business with you.

An eBook allows you to build your brand, especially if you sell many copies through bookstores.

2. Implement SEO

A good SEO strategy can help you get free traffic from search engines. You should continually optimise your content for search engines to let people find your business through search.

However, to rank higher on search engines, you should write high-quality content that beats millions of other search results. Ensure you research and produce unique content that will help people. 

Google currently ranks content showing E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust) principles. Therefore, ensure you write topics you have experience in to gain search engines’ and readers’ trust.

3. Show up on Social media

Never underestimate the power of social media. Nowadays, potential clients hang out on popular social media platforms like Facebook. These people are usually after anything that draws their attention, like entertainment, news, and business ideas. 

Once you build your social media accounts as a real estate agent, you’ll most likely attract potential clients as your followers. You should share helpful content on the real estate industry. 

While posting content about your brand, your audience will learn more about real estate, and they will eventually become clients.

4. Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is another real estate content marketing idea that will help you reach more people interested in your property listings. However, you should build a marketing list to help segment them.

You should create marketing campaigns welcoming new subscribers and other campaigns for other people in the buyer’s journey.

You can also create a campaign that sends automatic updates when you post a new blog post. That will help you notify your email audience about the latest topics and trends you’ve posted. 

5. Google Ads

Google Ads can also help you market your real estate content. However, you will use the money to run your Ads. But it can be so rewarding if you target the right market.

Google will place your Ads on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). It can also place your Ads on YouTube and other blog posts.


As you’ve seen, you can effectively market your real estate content using the ideas we have mentioned above. However, your efforts determine how you will succeed in selling your content. 

Everything needs lots of effort from you and your team. Therefore, you should have the dedication to do your best and your property business will improve in performance.

Feel free to comment on any views about real estate content marketing ideas that work. We will be glad to get back to you and still learn new ideas from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do  I do content marketing for real estate businesses?

Once you have your content ready, you should optimise it for search engines, and then share it on other platforms like social media. In addition, you can pay for advertisements on Google and social media platforms.

2. How do real estate agents create social media content?

As a real estate agent, you can research what content your audience loves to see. If it’s video, create videos, and if it’s articles, write for them. However, you can still post property walkthroughs if you post a listing on your site.

3. How can I build my social media presence to market my property business?

Consistency is the key to seeing results in your marketing efforts, regardless of your method. Whatever content marketing ideas you choose, ensure you consistently upload new and useful content for your audience. People tend to follow where they will always get what they need.

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