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Content Marketing Mistakes that are Commonly Made and how to solve them

Content Marketing Mistakes that are Commonly Made and how to solve them

The world of creating or of making good and quality content is rapidly growing and there is a high competition rate all over the country. Working to achieve your best when making content can be difficult at times but when you realize your content is falling flat, try to avoid the following content marketing mistakes that people make so that you can have quality and legit content that gets the attention it deserves.

1.     Failing to be the master of your content’s destiny

There is a lot to be done when you want to shoot the best shot pertaining to your content.  The first thing you need to know it is not all about one pitch email you need as many as possible. You need to be much careful and consider the angles related to your content targeting different groups of journalists. This is because the more unique angles you consider the more chances you have. This is because many journalists will always go for the content that is much targeted on them depending on their writing topics.

Work hand to hand in all the social media platforms, not only one or two. Make use of the different channels that you can use to blow up your content out there. Start posting your content on different accounts like Quora, Reddit, and mix among others. Always remember that journalists as well look for stories in these channels so work extra hard for you not to miss potential opportunities.

2.     Creating Forgettable content

This is another content marketing mistake that is done by many of us. When creating content, it is up to you as the content marketing expert to advise and persuade your clients on the reason as to why you feel that your content is the best for them. When creating content, think widely and see if the content you are making will be suitable to be posted on your own social media platforms. If not then you need to put more effort and post something that will bring a positive vibe to your channels and to your followers.

3.     Being too Corporate

Being corporate is a good thing but you need to understand that Content marketing is not making an advertisement.  Many people always have the idea of assuming brandings to be adverts and this makes them switch off just the same way you will have a desire to skip an advert on YouTube when waiting to watch what you’ve searched. So, you need to have in mind that corporate content won’t be picked by media as they will also assume it is an advert.

4.     Competing against the noise without an angle

By this, I mean working on content that has been done reputedly by others. This indicates that you can’t major on a topic that has been done many times and expect to be pitched by a journalist it won’t just happen. So, what you need to do to make your content stand out is to think big and find a different and attractive way to bring it out. Because repackaging an old idea and making it stand out makes it more appealing than before.

5.     Being Comfortable

In the content marketing field, one should not be contented. What you need to do is to continue working aiming at different ideas that will make your clients stick much to your content. You need to ask yourself self-questions like when was the last time you introduced a new content marketing campaign format? When did you pitch out an idea that you were not sure will work? All these questions remaining not answered tell you that comfortability is a wrong choice to make.

6.     Overemphasizing Keywords

This is a common mistake because I have realized that many companies overemphasize the use of keywords in their content. What they need to know is that the search engines have evolved past the use of keywords. What you needed to do is to focus on building context, answering questions, and creating the best user experience possible.


We have learned much about the common mistakes that we make in the content marketing field. What we need to know is know what our audience want and major in providing valuable insights that will make us gain new traffic and our older readers will keep coming back to us. Make sure you read the above mistakes and see the best ways to solve them for better content marketing.

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