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Steps on how to identify Thin Content

Steps on how to identify Thin Content

What is thin content? Most businesses are aware that content is one of the best ways of driving interest, appealing to shoppers, and even boosting search engine performance.  When we talk of thin content, we mean content that has little or no value to the clients. This means that the content is automatically generated, unhelpful affiliate content, or content that has been stolen from other websites. Below are ways to identify pages with thin content. But besides having thin content it is also allowed for some pages to be light on content know the difference.

1.     Use web Crawlers to help you identify thin content

2.     Your sites use content from another website

3.     Your website has affiliate pages

4.     Having a lot of short pages on your site

5.     Tools for identifying fake Content

6.     Poor Spelling and grammar


1.     Use web Crawlers to help you identify content

Instead of manually going through every page and checking word count, you are in a good position of using a web crawler to quickly identify which pages need to have more content. One can use screaming frog, this is a software popular within the SEO community.

While using the scramble frog, you copy and paste your domain name into the crawler then click start for you to run a crawl and when you click the export button this will export an excel file of the data. You will see a lot of columns that you won’t need, with this, one needs to be free to delete what is not important. Just focus on these columns:

·         Content

·         Status code

·         Address

·         Indexability

·         Word count

For ease of use, you need to filter the pages and remain with the relevant ones. Sort by word count in ascending order to easily view which pages contain thin content. All these will help you identify thin content.

2.     Your site uses content from another website

If you are always scraping content from other websites or copying and pasting directly as it is then your site won’t have a chance of being ranked well in search engines. The best thing with the search engines is that they can tell you which pages come first if there are pages that may be talking about the same thing. This is referred to as thin content.

To avoid the story of thin content always use your own content and make sure they doesn’t appear in any other sports online. Because it’s a very simple and effective way to offer quality information.

3.     Your websites have affiliate pages

Affiliate links and pages on their own are not bad, but one needs to be more careful because they can disappoint your site if they don’t contain useful content to your target audience. You need to be careful of the links because some affiliate pages have copied content with links from a low-quality website and this can destroy your search engines results pages.

4.     Having a lot of short pages on your site

With this, I mean using enough words in your writing. Websites made of fewer words indicate a website with thin content because most content will not be displayed on the pages, or rather, there will not be enough information for your readers.

It is ok for some pages to contain long content and some short but ensure you hit the target of words in each and every page considering our business or the industry that you major in.

5.     Tools for Identifying fake content

Making good use of the crawler scan as a good tool to identify duplicate content on your website is more important because it will make you identify lots of things like identifying pages with repeated text and as well as highlighting the fake text with good color cording making you to easily visualize the content issues.

6.      Poor Spelling and Grammar

 Not everyone was born to be so good and fluent in grammar writing, but you can work with professional editors to help us improve in grammar to avoid coming up with thin content.  Or one can always opt for a comprehensive grammar tool like Grammarly.

One needs to know that a page full of misspelled words and any other grammatical mistakes is a bad signal to one reading your content and with this, anyone can judge you for not being careful while writing and with all these not many people will stick to your site to check. Once google comes across you have a high bounce rate, little time on the page, and few people on your site they will degrade you and move you down in the search ranks.


The above descriptions describe to us some of the ways to identify thin content and if you work with them, you will be in a good position to identify how to make your content great. More so people who use many numbers of pages will be in a good position to fix their problems. Make good use of the tips you have to sort the issues of thin content.

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