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6 Alternative Lead Generation for Real Estate in Kenya

6 Alternative Lead Generation for Real Estate in Kenya

Every real estate investor dreams of succeeding, whether selling or renting property. With that in mind, you should look for alternative lead-generation ideas for real estate. Try doing more of what most people are not doing to generate their leads.The residential real estate sector is growing due to population growth in the country. In addition, Kenyans have seen the need to have a home, especially after the coronavirus invasion.This has led to rapidly escalating prices, especially in the major cities. Nairobi, in particular, has seen a boom in real estate development in recent years as Kenya’s economy has continued to grow.This blog intensifies what you should do to generate leads when the market seems low. With these methods, you can get potential customers and close a deal.

What Can You Do Different in Lead Generation in Real Estate 

The real estate market varies with time due to some factors. If it’s the seller’s market, the houses are rare, and you are most likely to sell because buyers are flooded. On the other hand, during a buyer’s market, you’ll need an alternative lead generation for your property.

With thousands of real estate agents in the sector, you need to differentiate yourself to reach more target clients.

1. Create a Mailing List

Whether you have a website or not, you can collect email addresses on social media or seminars related to real estate. Afterward, focus on sending your list a targeted message that explains broadly what you do. 

Many mailing services like Mailchimp, Aweber, and others allow you to classify your audience. The good thing is that you can send each audience group-specific messages.

For instance, the best way to classify your audience is in three buyer stages, awareness, consideration, and decision. Once a buyer subscribes to your mailing list, they are at the awareness stage. They are trying to learn what you do. Therefore, focus on sending them messages explaining your agency.

In the second buyer stage, the audience knows what you sell and is trying to compare it with other sellers. Therefore, this is the time you should tell them what they will gain by buying your product or services. Ensure you shine more than your competitors to win their trust.

The final buyer stage is the decision stage, where they have the resources and are ready to purchase your products or services. Send them messages with offers of your listings and services. You can also give them a chance for property viewing. 

A strong mailing list is a lead-generation tool for real estate agents in Kenya. You’ll have an added advantage if you start a real estate website. A website allows you to create more helpful content and educate audiences till they turn into potential buyers.

2. Networking

Never underrate the power of networking with the right people in your industry. There is a saying,’show me your friends, and I’ll tell you your destiny. In short, you are who you hang around with. Therefore, focus on creating a network of real estate investors, attorneys, home evaluators, bankers, home/land owners, etc.

A strong network helps you know the industry trends. And the good thing is that whenever anyone in your network wishes to buy or sell property, they’ll reach out to you first. As a result, you manage to generate more leads through networking.

3. Local Newspapers

No matter how digital things are turning, some traditional means like newspapers will never get outdated. However, the volume is reducing, but it will take some time before they become irrelevant. In addition, the media is also publishing newspapers on digital platforms like their websites.

Actually, with newspapers, your target is usually older adults who are almost retiring, and real estate investment could be their retirement plan. Therefore, advertising your property business or listings in local newspapers could draw the attention of potential buyers. 

4. Attorneys/ Lawyers

Attorneys have a wide range of clients, probably in each business sector. And that proves that they have a vast network you can rely on. Attorneys get hundreds of clients who need legal advice on their purchases.

For instance, if you network with a real estate attorney, they may connect you with their investor clients. As a result, you may generate leads for your listings. 

5. Auction Halls

In auction halls, you’ll meet with bank staff who want to dispose of property from mortgage loan defaulters. One thing, you’ll get a listing to include in your adverts. The other thing is that you can still draw a client from the auction hall and give them a better deal.

Auction halls are rare places for lead generation for real estate, so there will be little competition. The bottom line is doing something good that your competitors are yet to realise.

What Next?

Alternative lead generation ideas are what will set you apart from your competitors. In addition, whatever you do, ensure to do it perfectly. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn a lead into a real estate client?

The best way to turn a lead into a client is to slowly take them through the buyer journey, awareness, consideration, and decision without rushing. Let them understand the benefits of buying from your listings, and always offer them free tips.

What are free methods to generate real estate leads for free in Kenya?

If you don’t want to spend on lead generation in real estate, attending seminars, search engine optimization, and networking should be your priority.

How do I attract listings as a real estate agent?

The biggest way to attract listings is first befriending homeowners, so they’ll contact you whenever they want to sell their property. Furthermore, you can post helpful content on your real estate website.

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