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8 Ways to increase the value of a home when preparing to sell

8 Ways to increase the value of a home when preparing to sell

If you own a property, chances are you are hoping it will one day be worth more than you paid for it. And while much about a property’s value relies on things like population growth, infrastructure, location and real estate market conditions, all these things are out of your control.

1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent

To sell your home quickly, find a reputable real estate agent. While the Kenya real estate market is not perfect, you ca easily find a real estate agent you ca trust within our platform. Such an agent would have good knowledge of the local market and has a sales record that proves they know how to sell. The real estate agent will support from helping you take good real estate photos, provide a good property description, share the property for sale with other listing agents while ensuring the property description is designed for sale. Such an agent will help you arrange viewing in case you are not around, schedule and host showings, and market your property to get it seen.

2. Take Care of Quick Repairs

While you may want to do large scale renovations, these may end up costing you and not be what most buyers will want. Before you list the house for sale, do quick repairs to address things that could deter potential buyers. Some areas for quick fixes include loose tiles, leaky taps, repainting and door handles.

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3. Upgrade to high end finishes.

Depending on how much time and money you want to spend getting the home ready, you might also want to update fixtures, buy new appliances and install new hardware on the cabinets. Other upgrades could be installing stainless appliances more so in the areas around the kitchen countertops. Consider simple changes such as switching from brass doorknobs to brushed nickel materials.

As mentioned above, you may not need to go all in on the upgrades as you are not sure of the final customers taste and preferences.

4. Invest in energy efficient home features. 

Most buyers today tend to emphasize on eco-friendly features of homes they intend to buy due to both greater focus on environmental issues and recognize that energy efficiency saves money on their utility bills.

5. Spend some money to upgrade your bathroom and kitchen

Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that tend to make or break the value of a home, as they’re spaces both the family and guests spend a lot of time in. So, if they’re looking tired and run down it could be worth updating them. This is particularly true if you’re living in an affluent area where expectations are high and property is expensive. So, you must work to give a good impression to the clients. They are also the fastest parts of your interior to become dated as appliances, finishes and maybe other decors fall out of style. This makes the kitchen and the bathroom upgrades excellent part of your home to spend your money for a good home value. Work on the floors make the good look of the kitchen as well.

6. Spruce up your landscaping.

If you have a house or bungalow for sale, the front yard is a good place to spruce up. Buyers love an attractively landscaped yard and it doesn’t take too much money to fix yours up if you have the space for it. First impressions have a very big impact on the value of your home. Affordable landscaping and other modest enhancement to the front of your exterior can help increase the number of potential buyers of your home.

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7. Add usable square footage.

Adding more usable space to a home can make a lot of financial benefits and this is true especially in areas with limited available real estate where land and space and finite. Adding a bathroom, or any other needed room will add value to your home, in that it will help you free from competition hence a good market.

8. Clean and Declutter.

Deep decluttering and cleaning can add more value to your home more than the way it was, this will give you good chance in selling your house and even the buyers will feel good when buying your home leading to a good offer. Buyers appreciate a clean home being more organized and having less clutter to stress over.

While cleaning and decluttering is not that expensive, but they require a lot of work. You start by going through the cabinet and closets. Clean out the drawings and storage areas of your home as well as ensuring you are not keeping anything you don’t want in the house.

 In a Nutshell

Buying and selling of houses is not easy. Finding a good price for your house takes time as well as considerable effort. Although this list may seem overwhelming, if you attack one task at a time and enlist the help of professionals (if needed), you’ll soon achieve your sales goal. Always work to make your home the best more so when listing because a home with a good value will return its worth without much struggles in the field of real estate.

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