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9 Proven ways to make money with Airbnb.

9 Proven ways to make money with Airbnb.

There are different ways to make money with Airbnb. Some of these ways will make you too little and others will make you good pay. For you to reach maximum profitability we are going to discuss 9 ways that are proven to make money with Airbnb below.

1.  Host with Airbnb

This is the most popular way of making money on Airbnb for homeowners. However it’s not just merely owning a home and offering it to guests that will guarantee you money, you need to understand how to start and operate an Airbnb so as to make good money.

2.  Become a co-host

A co-host is more of a property manager. Some of the major roles as a co-host are to receive and communicate with clients and make sure the property is in good condition at all times.

A co-host receives their payment after the clients pay the host. Depending on the services a co-host is offering, their payment ranges from 10% to 30% of total charges and should be agreed upon by the host and the co-host before receiving guests.

3.  Work for Airbnb

Airbnb has over 3,000 employees around the world and is constantly looking for more. During peak seasons the company also hires temporary staff.

You can check vacant positions in the company from different departments here

4.  Guiding Tours.

Most of the clients you receive will pay tour guides to accompany them to places they wish to visit. You should grab this opportunity by offering this service at a fee.

5.  Currency exchange.

When clients visiting from a different country visit your home, they will have to change their money to the local currency. You can save them the hassle of visiting banks or bureau de change by offering the service. Buy their currency slightly lower and sell the currency at the market value. Make sure you can distinguish fake notes from original ones to avoid losing your money.

6.  Renting equipment. 

Renting equipment such as bikes, motorcycles, cars, sleeping bags, backpacks, skate boots, scooters, cameras and accessories to your guests can make you an extra coin.

7.  Airport- home Picking

You can organize transport from the airport to home for your clients. After their stay, you can drop them back at the airport. Make sure to charge reasonable prices or else they will find an alternative.

8.  Cleaning services.

Sometimes guests may book your home to stay a little longer. You can offer to clean the house and their stuff at a fee and make an extra coin. The guests and yourself should agree on what time they need the service and the pay.

9.  Sub-letting

Owning a home is quite expensive but that should not stop you from starting an Airbnb business. You can rent out a property, furnish it fully, and sub-let. For instance, if you rent a two-bedroom house at Ksh20, 000, you can list it on Airbnb at ksh5, 000 per night. If you have clients for say 20 days in a month that’s Ksh100, 000. That amount will meet the rent; expenses incurred and still leave you with a good profit.


Making money with Airbnb is mainly dependent on how many clients you get. The more clients you have the more money you will make. Therefore the most important thing you can learn is how to get clients for your Airbnb.

I hope that this information was helpful but incase you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0726982982 or or read our other blogs for more information.

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