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Business Card for Real Estate Agents: How to Design and Use Business Card to Increase Leads

Business Card for Real Estate Agents: How to Design and Use Business Card to Increase Leads

A business card for real estate agents is a good marketing tool to generate sales leads. That’s why every real estate agent should have a business card. As a realtor, a business card is a great way to share your contact details and the location of your business. This blog explains the core elements to include in a business card and how you can use the card to improve your property business. If you are just starting to be a real estate agent, we shall show you how to design your card.Following the tips in this blog can help you bring the best out of the business card you create for your real estate in Kenya. We usually update our readers with countless tips to start and run their real estate business in Kenya. Therefore, don’t be left out. Subscribe to be on our priority list to receive our updates in the industry.

How to Design a Business Card for Real Estate Agents in Kenya

When designing your real estate business card, you should be careful not to leave vital information. Let’s see the key elements you should include in your real estate business card.


As a real estate agent, you should include your or your agency’s name on the business card. The name on the business card should explain what you do as a business. For instance, Property254 will be on the top if we design business cards. Therefore, whoever sees it will understand that we deal with properties. 

Therefore, as a real estate agent, you should register a business name that aligns with your business. The name alone can sell your business to potential clients.

Physical address

The business card should also include a physical address for your business offices. A physical address on the business card will enable potential clients to visit you for a talk about any of your listings.

Email address

An email address is also essential in your business card. An email is usually an official communication channel that most companies and individuals use to close deals.

Therefore, remember to include an email address on your business card.


A phone number is good to ensure there is fast communication. In most cases, it’s easier to respond to calls and short messages than emails and letters.

In addition, potential clients can call to ask some questions before scheduling a meeting or property tour.

Social media handles 

People are more active on social media. Therefore, if you include your account name on the business card, some people might reach you on social media.


You should also include your real estate website URL to enable people to navigate through your website. However, ensure your website has multiple property listings and tips for real estate investment success. That way, you will generate leads through your helpful content.


Your company’s logo is critical on your business card as a real estate agent. Your logo should be easily memorable to enable people to recognize your brand once they see it.

When designing your company logo, consider involving something like a house, as it will show people that it’s a property business. Consider a good combination of attractive colours. 


A tagline is something that you believe in. It’s your business slogan. For example, you can use something like, ‘your property is our priority.’

How to use a business card as a realtor 

You should use a business card to improve your real estate agency. 

Connect with people on social media. 

Once you share your business card with people, some of them will follow you on social media. Furthermore, if you post helpful content, they will learn from it and eventually decide to buy or sell through your agency.

Get new leads 

It’s possible to generate new leads with a real estate business card. For instance, if you distribute your business cards to interested people in real estate gatherings, they may contact you whenever they want to buy or sell their property.

Market your business 

A real estate business card is a great way to market your career. No one will notice your business if you don’t market it appropriately. In addition, a business card is among the cheapest marketing strategies to help you generate more leads. 

Work professionally

A real estate business card stages you as a professional and expert in the real estate business. Once you distribute your business card, potential clients will see you as a professional and wish to work with you.

The Bottom Line 

A real estate business card is cheaper to grow your realtor business in Kenya. Learning how to design your business card is a great mileage for your agency.

Feel free to comment with your view on real estate business cards. In addition, don’t hesitate to subscribe to our priority list.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should be on a real estate business card?

A real estate business card should have your contact details, physical address, social media handles, website, logo, and company name. Those are the significant elements that should make an excellent business card.

How can I create a real estate business card?

You can use photo editing tools like Canva to create an excellent business card. The Good thing is that these tools have templates to design your business card. In addition, it’s free to use Canva unless you want some of its premium features.

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