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Choosing a proper business name for your real estate company in kenya

Choosing a proper business name for your real estate company in kenya

Real estate business is one of the lucrative industry where the assets are more than the liabilities involved. Most of the population in Kenya wants to at least venture into this type of business either for personal occupation or for other purposes. Let’s suppose you are trying to get into real estate for business or rather for profits. If you are about to enter into this type of business, then the type of name you choose for your company is one of the critical things to do. Let us review the few things that could help you choose a proper business name for your real estate company in Kenya.


When it comes to choosing a proper business name for your real estate company, first, you should note that the name comes with impression. For clients, how they read out the name is what that fills up their minds. Impression at first sight is what they are likely to go for. This impression is what attracts prospective clients and through this it can promote your brand as well as boost your business between you and your competitors. A proper business name in real estate can therefore help in competitive advantage.

Criteria of naming a business

There are so many criteria of naming a business. The easiest of it all is approaching a name consultant. With your description in your mind or written down, name consultants can help you acquire a unique yet a catchy business name. In Kenya, such name consultants are likely to go with the name business consultants. Alternatively, you could also be creative enough to choose a great name for your real estate company. You will be required to create a catchy, unique, relevant name to the industry but in the most simplistic way. Not as easy as it sounded at first, yeah? But that is how a proper business name with a competitive advantage should sound like. Another way of thinking through the business name in real estate business in Kenya would be brainstorming the whole idea. Think through the relevance to the industry, what unique you need to provide towards the industry and any gap associated.

Again, look at your business vision, mission and goals. These can easily create a catchy business name for you. They give you direction to what you should settle on. You could also try searching on google and see if there is in any way the name appearing in many searches or either the name is taken. This will help you know how you could name your business to avoid confusion of your services with that of your competitors.

What to avoid

Avoid picking a name that is already picked up by someone else. An already operating business maybe trademarked and could land you into crime cases. The best thing about this in Kenya is that the registration of business names will let you know if the name is already taken or not.

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