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Facebook Post on business Page: 8 secrets of having good post on your page

Facebook Post on business Page: 8 secrets of having good post on your page

Engaging content is the key to increasing reach and interaction with your Facebook Page. Your posts can engage your audience by entertaining them, informing them making them think and provide values in their lives. We have provided some of the best ideas that will help have best posts on your business page.

1.        Ask questions

One great way to start conversations with your audience is by simply asking questions. Think creatively about the types of questions you can ask. You can ask random questions that are relevant to your industry in an attempt to get more engagement on your post. Include fun option where you ask them to make a choice , between two things or  pick a favorite You can also ask how they are or about their weekend plans. When you ask such questions your customers are likely to give a response and this brings about engagement.

 2.  Giveaways and contests

This  is a fantastic way to boost engagement, drive traffic ,find new visitors and customers It  encourages more likes, comments and shares.  It helps increase awareness and getting people talk about your brand.  You could , for example run a photo vote contest, where users need to ask friends to like their photo in the contest. This will drive more people to your Facebook page, and hopefully, convince some of them to follow you. Then award the winner and congratulate them in a different post.

3. Drive audience to take action.

Add a call-to action button on your page and write a new post that highlights it. The button encourages people to take an action that is important to your business, such as booking appointments or shopping on your website. Learn how to add a call-to-action button to your Page. 

4.        Celebrate a holiday

Holiday posts are some of the most valuable content you produce for your Facebook page and other social media platforms. Most people really contribute to the celebration.  Have posts that offer great deals to your audience or that reminds them on the very important things during the holiday like giving back to the society.

5. Share industry news.

When you share news about your industry, it shows your audience that you don’t just care about promoting your business. You also care about keeping your Page followers informed of current topics that are relevant to them.

6.      Use videos

Use of Videos is a great  Facebook ideas that improves your strategy. Facebook loves when users post videos. Whether it is an informational video, basic stop motion video, educational video etc share them it is a way of referencing your stories.

7.       Share a story

Get personal with your audience for you to build emotional connections with your them and to build brand identification. Share on how your business started, failures, success and struggles and answer questions in case you are asked.

One great way to increase reach and engagement is to post about trending topics. You can engage with your audience even when you don’t have anything related to your business Not only can this increase your chances of appearing in feeds, but people will be more likely to comment on and share your posts as well. 

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