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How technology has changed the process of buying and selling in real estate.

How technology has changed the process of buying and selling in real estate.

The process of buying and selling in real
estate has really changed as technology changes. Below, is a highlight of seven
different ways in which technology has changed the two processes and the
industry at large.    

1.  Use of online listings platforms.

Online listing platforms such as
have made the process of selling and buying property quite manageable. This
popular site has a feature that enables you to pin the location of your
property while listing the property you are selling on the site. This helps to
narrow down the prospective customers who are interested in your property to
those who will actually buy.

The reason behind this is, location is
one of the primary factors that people consider when buying a property.
Therefore when customers are coming to you, you are sure they like the location
of the property and are, with a high possibility approaching you to buy.

 2.   Creation of Mobile apps

Most online listing websites also have mobile applications that run
exactly how their websites do, though with more advantages. These mobile
applications enhance and make it more convenient to buy and sell a property.

 3.   Introduction of virtual tours

Nowadays, people are so busy with their
day-to-day endeavors which makes it close to impossible to go property
hunting. Others live far away from where they would love to own property.

5 Ways Technology is Changing the process of buying and selling property in Kenya.

 In the past one had to travel to where you
want to buy a property which was quite expensive and tiresome. Currently, technology has changed how things used to be done as now you can take virtual
tours from wherever you are in the world. All you need is to be connected to
the internet.

This comes with the advantage that you
can search for very many properties and then settle for the one you
like most. You can later make plans to visit the one you like or the ones you
like and later buy one.

 4. Use of Drones.

When drones were invented, they were mainly used by the military. In the
recent past, cameras have been incorporated into drones.

In real estate, the use of drones is quite beneficial as drones are able to
take videos and photographs that were not possible to take before they were

These videos and photographs taken using drones are able to capture very
fine details such as the neighborhood, roofs, and access roads. All these
influence the buying and selling of real estate positively.

5. Better ways of Sharing and getting information.

Initially, information regarding real estate, that clients were in need
of, was mainly available and kept by agents. To access it then, it meant that
clients were forced to first communicate with the agent.

 Nowadays, due to advanced technology,
with a few clicks on your computer or smartphone you can access so much
satisfactory information regarding almost everything you may need to know in
real estate.

The information you get will come from different sources which will make
it easier when making decisions on what you were researching about. Technology
has also made it quite inexpensive to get any information you may need.

 6. Better communication methods

A while back, unless you knew an
agent in person the only option there was to communicate with them was either
phone calls or availing yourself to their offices.

Currently, due to advanced technology
communication has really changed and simplified how things are now done.

Phone calls and walking to offices
are still being used but the introduction of other methods such as Skype, Use Facebook
Messenger, emails, sending SMS, WhatsApp, tweeting, and many other communication
methods have made it more convenient.

Agents and their customers can now communicate
from whichever location they are in the world.

7. Use of electronic signature programs.

Initially, it would take days or even weeks before
collecting all needed signatures to complete the processes needed while buying
or selling in real estate.

Nowadays signatures are collected from whichever
location one is. All one needs is a smartphone, tablet, or laptop and an internet connection.

The invention of electronic signature programs
comes with many advantages such as fastening the process of buying and selling
in real estate.


Technology has really changed how things are done
in real estate and in all industries at large. It is quite important to
stay updated either as an agent or as a client. Technology always seems to ease
how things are done as you can see above.

One is able to really save on time and cost with
every advancement. As an agent, customers tend to connect more with you
compared to agents who know less about technology.

This will lead you to make more sales. Therefore, it
is really important to always stay updated as there is so much to gain and so
little to lose if at all there is something to lose.

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