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How to become top-selling real estate agent in Kenya. 5 easy steps to get started.

How to become top-selling real estate agent in Kenya. 5 easy steps to get started.

A lot of people ask how they can become the best
top-selling real estate agents.

 Most of them want to know how they can sell tens or
hundreds of homes and make millions.

 Well, this article will show how to do that in 5 easy

 You can be a real estate agent working on your own or
a real estate agent employed by a company to sell their products. In case you
are interested in getting a job as a real estate agent, then just go to the
company and drop your CV/resume.

 Then after several years working as a real estate
agent with a broker you could go it alone. Because you are known in the
industry. And you have saved up some working capital.

 This article will concentrate on what to do in case
you want to start your real estate agency.

 So let’s dive in on the steps to take to start off in
real estate. There are no special skills or any amount of money needed to
start. Just your willingness to help other people.


Step 1:  Find the best real estate agent in your area for mentorship.  

Yes, you heard me right. Work for free. I know you have bills to pay, so you can start off on a part-time basis. A side hustle or a side gig if you wish.

And what exactly will you be doing as you work for free?

You will do a lot of jobs for them including ensuring there is tea in the office, the daily newspaper is delivered, the office is cleaned, and the boss is generally happy.

If you are lucky, you get to participate in more serious stuff like handling customer inquiries, taking customers to site visits and growing the list of the number of people you know.

This step helps you to gain knowledge in the industry, get recommendations and start growing your network.

To register with the Kenyan Estate Agents registration board, you will need a letter of recommendation and this is how you get one. 

Step 2: Network and Build your sphere of influence.

As you continue to work for free, you get to gain a lot of knowledge in the real estate industry. From how to handle sales, property prices, market trends and how to handle customers.

 You will accompany your mentor for meetings. Here, you get to meet other real estate agents who will become part of your network.

 Your network is your net worth, and this is where you start growing that. During this time, join any online groups you find. There are numerous groups on Facebook and WhatsApp that I have personally found quite
Attend any available real estate webinars and meetings. This helps you expand your knowledge and become a force to reckon with.

 Step 3: Get a real estate license

 Depending on the country or area that you operate in, certain restrictions apply to the real estate industry. Please do a
quick google search on registration and licensing requirements.

 In Kenya, all real estate agents should be registered with the real estate agent’s registration board. It takes around 6 months to get registered from the time you apply to when you get your license. This is because EARB processes registration in batches.

 In case more people apply, registration can be quicker.

 If you are wondering how much a real estate license costs in Kenya, the amount is KSH 10,500. This covers an Annual license and a practicing certificate.

  Before you get your license, you can sell using the license of the agent you have from steps 1.

 Step 4: Sell like Crazy.

Once you have your own license, you need to start selling like crazy.

To do this, reach out to anyone within your network who could benefit from your services. Start with yourself. Can you buy the real estate you are selling? If yes, then go ahead. You have just sold your first
property to yourself.

The ultimate guide to buying property in Kenya.

Start also by reaching out to your friends and family. This could be your best friend at work who has been coming to you for help. Make this they payback time.

 Reach out to friends from school, church and your neighbors. If you say you will call, remember to call and follow up.

 Call up your baby mamma, call your ex, call your sponsor. And if any of these have a sponsor, call them too!

 Go out into the streets, talk to people, open social media accounts, google ads, blood sweat and tears.

 List your properties with listing websites available in your country. In Kenya, we have identified the top
five real estate listing websites for you.

 Make sure everybody buys from you. Follow them up. Constantly. Stalk them in case you need to. Call them from a
different number. Email them. SMS then. WhatsApp them.

 And don’t stop until they buy………. or die of old age😊. If they die, attend the burial, and get contacts for
the next of kin and sell to them. Not really, but you get my drift.


Step 5: Maintain contact with the clients you sell to.


Once you sold a property, this becomes the beginning process of the next real estate item you want to sell to them.

 Resell to them your newest property. If they can’t afford it, ask them to refer you to their friends. And don’t relent until they do. And then do not let their friends go until they buy from you.

 Or until their children buy from you. Or their children buy from your children who are now
managing your business.
Remember, it is far easier to sell products and services to existing customers than it is to sell to new customers. This is because there is at least a 60-70% chance of repeat customers buying from you.


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