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How to find tenants for your homes and reduce Vacancy rates

How to find tenants for your homes and reduce Vacancy rates

In today’s market, there is certainly no shortage of renters. However, for the landlords, it is about finding the right tenants for their houses who will treat their houses like theirs. Most landlords always strive to fill their properties with reliable clients who will pay the rent on time every month, keep the property in good condition and as well follow the rental agreement policy.

Some Landlords always looking for long-term tenants so they don’t have any trouble looking for tenants each and every month. As much as they try it is not always easy to find such tenants but the outcome always is worth the effort. By complying with the fair housing laws, online advertisement, creating specific tenants screening criteria, and checking potential tenants’ credit scores. Landlords will always look for these tenants and always meet them.

1. Don’t forget to advertise.

Advertising is always mandatory for rental property owners looking to impress tenants. This can be done both online or even by putting notes on the entrance for tenants to see. Advertising can be done through neighborhoods to help do posting on social media or newspapers. This makes your property to be seen by various people hence increasing the number of tenants knocking on your door.

2. Offer Building-wide fiber-optic internet connectivity.

Offering high-speed internet is critical to your tenant’s business operation. Fiber optic carries a significant advantage above regular speed broadband with increased consistency speed and bandwidth. Connection adds an average of 3.1% to the property value. This will add good tenants more so people working from home will benefit from your property as you benefit from them.

Performing a good fiber installation in your property is a powerful marketing tool. Your tenants can save money on installation while making good use of the available one. The value of your property will increase more so if your coactivity is of high value.

3. Setting your Rent Price.

Once you have known how to find your tenants, you will net to set your price range or the type of houses that you have. You will want your price to be competitive with the market. You will have to consider covering your expenses so that when setting rental prices, they are catered for. While setting the price you have to consider your worthwhile return on the investment.

Try to do research and investigate in rent analysis soft were to help you accurately price your property for your tenants. Consider working or checking the rental prices more so seasonably. When there are winter months tends to be below, so the house price has to be lower.

4. Getting Photos to Find Good Tenants.

Always include multiple photos include photos of all major rooms to show the clients. Make sure it is tidy and the photos show the best elements of the property that will attract the tenant. Make a photo with good lighting meant that you will consider taking the photos during the day considering natural light. Higher a professional including a floor plan. While taking photos to show the tenants consider including video tours to show more around the house the good climatic environment.

Keep your property description concise. Use short sentences and paragraphs and make sure the text is clear. Avoid using all caps and exclamation marks and ensure the listing is grammatically correct.

5.  Hire a Property Manager.

An experienced or professional property manager or a rental agent knows how to find renters so first. They have the real estate knowledge to help the company set the rental prices, the marketing experience will help reduce the time your property stays vacant, and training to re-organize red flags when reviewing applicants.

Hiring a property manager or a rental agent is one way to find tenants for your rental property for they have good and technics on business language. Advertising your property will be much easy for them for they have a good experience to fill the houses with the tenants of your choice.

6.      Sign new tenants to lease.

Having your new tenants signing a lease agreement form is a very important way of protecting your property and your tenants as well. This is to ensure that your clients are protected and what is protected of them. Using a digital lease is an easy way to take care of this crucial step.  Always check and consider the key points. Always review your property rules and requirement to make sure your tenants understand them.

Make sure both you and your tenants receive a copy of the lease. This will make your tenant be more respectful and stay for long because of good management. Make sure they meet your needs and state and federal requirements.

7. Understanding the Laws.

Do research on the federal and state laws that covers both the landlord and the tenants. With this, you will have long-term clients who are safe because they are protected by the law and this adds value to your pocket. The fair Housing act specifically outlines constituents illegal discrimination against qualified tenants. It also protects people with disabilities in case you have one tenant this will be important.


Finding trustworthy, reliable, respectful tenants is key to running a successful rental property. Make good advertisements for your home and ensuring cleaning is a priority to good tenants and this should be observed. Learning to find tenants mans a lot like understanding your business and working out towards making a good profit.

Tenants are people to be attracted with good work, learn how to communicate to them and your homes will ever be occupied hence maintaining the work of real estate industry.

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