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How to Make a Sectional Property Survey on Ardhisasa

How to Make a Sectional Property Survey on Ardhisasa

Sectional property survey involves geo-referencing of sectionl units for which there is a desired by a developer or a cooperation to register such units in accordance with the relevant acts and policies guiding the same. The sectional property survey application process is initiated by a license surveyor registered on the Ardhisasa platform.

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To begin the sectional property survey application process, follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to the Ardhisasa platform using your login details (identification number or Ardhisasa ID) and password.

2. You’ll receive a one-time password (OTP) on the phone number registered with the platform. Enter the OTP to access your dashboard.

3. Switch to your license survey account by clicking on the profile icon and selecting the professional account approved for you as a licensed surveyor.

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4. Click on Sectional Property to access the applications page.

5. The applications page consists of four tabs: Pending, Ongoing, Approved, and Rejected. Your initiated sectional property survey applications will be listed based on their processing status.

6. Click on the New Application button in the top-right corner.

7. You’ll be directed to the FAQs page, providing essential information related to the application process. Ensure you review all the FAQs, especially the payment requirements.

8. Click Next to proceed to the Application Details page. In the Application Details page, you’ll find four subsections that must be filled:

I. Survey Details: Enter survey-specific information such as personal number, block number, parcel number, and projection type.

II. Applicant Information: Provide the developer or cooperation’s Ardhisasa ID (at least one is required).

III.  Location Details: Select the country, sub-county, and locality where the property is situated.

IV. Unit Documents: Attach all required sectional files, including computation sheets, unit plan shapefiles (in zip format), and floor plans (in PDF format).

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Ensure to complete all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk (*).

9.      Enter field survey completion date, FR number, and calibration date (if available).

10.  Attach cadastral files, site building plan, cadastral plan, architectural plan, building permit, field notes, and survey reports (in PDF format).

11.  Review all details in the Verified Details section.

12.  Click Submit to initiate the application.

13.  Confirm the submission when prompted, and you’ll receive a notification confirming the successful application creation.

14.  Navigate to the Invoice tab and review the pending invoice.

15.  Click Pay to see available payment methods and follow the instructions for payment.

16.  After payment, the status will change to Complete.

Once the survey fee payment is made, the license surveyor can submit the application by clicking the Submit Request button on the top-right corner. A pop-up notification will appear, asking for confirmation to submit the request. Upon clicking Yes, another notification will confirm the successful submission, and the license surveyor can click Close. The application status will change from Pending to Ongoing, indicating that the surveyor’s role is completed, and the Ministry officials will continue the processing. The progress bar will show the advancement of the application, reaching 100 percent when fully approved. The license surveyor will receive a notification on their phone once the application is approved.

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