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How To Pay Land Rent on Ardhisasa

How To Pay Land Rent on Ardhisasa

To easily make payments on ardhisasa:

  • Go to
  • Register an account to begin transacting. If you are a registered user, simply log into your account and transact.
  • Go to Services on the website
  • Under Land Administration, click on Land Rent
  • Then click on Pay Land Rent
  • Enter Title Number on the Search section using the following formats: Registration Unit/Registration Section/Parcel Number;
  • For Nairobi Blocks: Nairobi/Block12/345 or Block No/Parcel Number (for example: 12/345)
  • For Mombasa Parcels: Mainland North (or South)/Roman Number/Parcel Number (for example MN/IV/123)
  • For other towns and municipalities: Kiambu/MunicipalityBlock1/234
  • After searching for the parcel, pending payments will be listed

How to pay your land rent on Ardhisasa

  • Under Actions, click on Pay
  • Choose Payment method (M-Pesa or M-Pesa Express) and follow the instructions given to make the payment.
  • You will received a payment Confirmation message on your phone
  • Click on Confirm to complete the transaction.
  • The payments will reflect on your account instantly!

NOTE: If you have several pending land rent payments, you will be required to pay each one of them separately, since each has a unique invoice number. You will ONLY receive a Clearance Certificate once you have settled all pending payments.

  • Download the Clearance Certificate or Print it directly from the site. 

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You can directly call the ministry of lands for any questions or contact us for support.

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