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How to pay your land rent on Ardhisasa

How to pay your land rent on Ardhisasa

You can now pay your land rent on Ardhisasa using the itemised easy steps.

 You can now pay your land rent on Ardhisasa, at the comfort of your home or office. Follow the following easy steps to make your payment.

Go to

Register an account to begin transacting. If you are a registered user, simply log into your account and transact.

Quick Guide: A Guide to Registering on Ardhisasa

Go to Services on the website

Under Land Administration, click on Land Rent

Then click on Pay Land Rent

Enter Title Number on the Search section using the following formats: Registration Unit/Registration Section/Parcel Number;

For Nairobi Blocks: Nairobi/Block12/345 or Block No/Parcel Number (for example: 12/345)

For Mombasa Parcels: Mainland North (or South)/Roman Number/Parcel Number (for example MN/IV/123)

For other towns and municipalities: Kiambu/MunicipalityBlock1/234

After searching for the parcel, pending payments will be listed

Under Actions, click on Pay

Choose Payment method (M-Pesa or M-Pesa Express) and follow the instructions given to make the payment.

You will received a payment Confirmation message on your phone

Click on Confirm to complete the transaction.

The payments will reflect on your account instantly!

NOTE: If you have several pending land rent payments, you will be required to pay each one of them separately, since each has a unique invoice number. You will ONLY receive a Clearance Certificate once you have settled all pending payments.

Download the Clearance Certificate or Print it directly from the site.

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