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Top ten most expensive places to buy land in Nairobi

Top ten most expensive places to buy land in Nairobi

Everything in Nairobi is expensive especially the cost of land, so if you want to invest in Nairobi, you will have to dig deep into your cash. Despite the high land prices in Nairobi, the future profits are always higher, causing investors to not be afraid to invest.

If you are thinking of buying land in Nairobi, these are the most expensive places to buy land in Nairobi.

1.Upper Hill

Upper Hill is located 4 kilometres from central business district of Nairobi. It is one of the most expensive places to buy land in Nairobi. Its hosts Nairobi’s tallest building. It remains the most important commercial center after the CBD and Westland’s. Upper Hill Estate is a prominent business place in Nairobi with prominent towers. In addition, the estate is home to Nairobi’s greatest hotels, corporations, clubs, government agencies, and residential units.

All of the estate’s roads are paved, and golfing is located in the heart of the Upper Hill estate. It also hosts the British High Commission in Kenya as well as the offices of the World Health Organization. Upper hill is a safe place for everyone for a variety of reasons. Many hotels in Upper Hill Estate are worth visiting, including Sarova PanafricFairview, Radisson Blu, and others.

This is the most expensive place in Nairobi to buy an acre of land. According to a HassConsult 2021 Real Estate analysis, an acre can cost up to Kshs.550 million.


Kilimani Estate is one of the most prominent commercial and residential neighborhoods in the city. The estate lies 4 kilometers outside of the city core. Land in Kilimani is among the most expensive in Nairobi. It hosts the statehouse, the president’s official residence. It has some of the greatest international schools, as well as good security, a clean environment, and a great residential estate.This is an expensive place in Nairobi with both residential and commercial real estate.

 In Kilimani, an acre of land costs approximately KSh.433 million.


Westland’s is located approximately 3.2 kilometres northwest of the central business district of Nairobi. Westland’s is an affluent neighborhood with several costly homes. It’s a big commercial complex with both local and international investors. It is one of Nairobi’s most expensive places to buy land due to its high quality of life and social living standards. It hosts so many business headquarters, including Safaricom, which is the best performing company.

High-end facilities and excellent amenities are just a few of the features that make Westland a great area to live and work. There are numerous schools, hospitals, banks, shopping malls, and top-rated hotels.

An acre land in Westland’s costs approximately ksh. 400 million but price range with location.

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Lavington is a prominent suburb with high-end residential homes, located 10 kilometers from the city center. Due to its excellent quality of life and social living standards, it is one of Nairobi’s most expensive places to buy land. Furthermore, Lavington is a well-protected neighborhood with excellent security and high-quality shopping centers. In Lavington, an acre of land will cost you ksh. 320 million.


Kileleshwa is an uptown mixed-use development that includes both residential and business apartments. Despite its status as an upper middle-class estate, the estate is rapidly rising to become one of Nairobi’s most expensive estate due to large number of wealthy residents.Kileleshwa estate has the best road networks, schools, and good apartments due to its location.

In Kileleshwa, an acre of and costs approximately ksh. 300million.


Muthaiga is one of Nairobi’s expensive estates to buy land in. Because of its proximity to the UN headquarters and various embassies, it has a high level of security. Muthaiga is the greatest place to live in Nairobi due of its excellent connecting roads that connect you to various estates more quickly. For example, Westlands, Thika Road, Runda, and the city center are all easily accessible. 

In Muthaiga, an acre of land costs around Ksh 180 million.

7.Spring Valley

Spring Valley is a small estate on Nairobi’s northwest outskirts. It borders the Nairobi estates of Kitisuru, Loresho, and Lake View. It is the ideal place to live in Nairobi because of its good roads, security, and gated avenues.

In Springs valley, an acre of land costs approximately ksh 168 million.                                      


Runda estate is 14.4km form the city centre.It has long been known as one of Kenya’s most expensive places to buy land. It is home to both wealthy locals and international visitors. Privacy, proximity to the CBD, and security are some of the features that make it an expensive but desirable area to live.

In Runda, an acre of land costs approximately Ksh 120 million.

9. Kitisiru

Kitisuru is a elegant estate on the outskirts of Nairobi’s Westlands city. In comparison to competing and most expensive estates in Nairobi, the estate features some of the smoothest roads. Kitisuru’s proximity to Nyari, Lower Kabete, Runda, and Westlands Estates is one of the reasons it is the best place to live.

The location is ideal for investment, and the wealthy people go to the area to build their dream homes. One acre of land in the Kitisuru costs approximately Ksh 90 million.


Karen is located 19 kilometers from Nairobi city. Karen is a fast-growing estate which makes land to be more expensive. High-end corporate leaders, foreign expatriates live there. It’s the home residence for Kenya’s Deputy President. Furthermore, Karen is the only expensive estate in Nairobi with numerous and excellent tourist attractions.

Karen Estate is one of Nairobi’s safest and nicest neighborhoods and residents are well-protected by both private and government security services.

Karen estate has several interesting sites to explore like Giraffe center, Karen Country club,Polka Dot Art Gallery among others.

It also borders the Ngong forest which makes the estate benefit from fresh air provided by the extensive indigenous forest.

An acre of land in Karen estate will cost you approximately 60 million.


Buying land in one of these places is the best decision you can ever make. These places host greatest people, peaceful environment, good security etc.

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