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Real Estate Photography: 10 Tips to Make Your Property Stand Out

Real Estate Photography: 10 Tips to Make Your Property Stand Out

Real estate photography is one thing that can make you succeed as a property investor in any part of the world. Technology advancement has majorly contributed to the growth of real estate in Kenya.Nowadays, people make purchase decisions after seeing an appealing photo or video online. That’s why you should learn how to do real estate photography for your property investment in Kenya.This blog explains tips for real estate photography that will help your property to stand out from the numerous property listings.We aim to ensure you succeed as a real estate investor in Kenya, whether you are in the diaspora or in the country. In addition, we have a list of real estate agents whom you can rely on when buying or selling your property in Kenya.

How to Make Your Property Stand Out With Real Estate Photography

Real estate has been growing in Kenya over the past years. In the first quarter of 2022, it grew by 6.1%, meaning the competition is still growing in the industry. Thats why you should make your property stand out from the crowd. Let’s see the 10 tips to practice in real estate photography.

1. Take photos on clean backgrounds

Before you could take any photos of your property, ensure that it’s clean. Furthermore, clear backgrounds with fewer or no objects around contribute to the quality of the photos you take. 

If you take a photo on a clean background, it will be clear and free from blur. In addition, no one would like to visit a property with so many disorganized items or a dirty background.

2. Use Wide angle lens

When taking photos for your properties, ensure you use the best lens for real estate photography. The lens should be wide enough to cover a wide area, which allows the viewer to see the property in large view before going to the next photo.

If you are using a phone to take photos, ensure that it has a wide-angle lens that will capture the property well. Alternatively, you can purchase a camera with a wide lens.

3. Use natural light

Natural light is the best when taking photos of anything. Therefore, you should ensure you use natural light when taking your property photos. When taking the exterior parts of the house, take photos at noon where you expect zero shadows. 

Furthermore, you can take the interior parts of the house at noon. However, you should remove the window and door curtains to allow light from outside to penetrate well. Shoot at the right time of the day

4. Use a tripod

A tripod makes your camera stable when taking photos. Therefore, do not forget to use a tripod when doing real estate photography. There are suitable tripods for either a phone or a camera that you can get from local electronic shops near you. 

 A tripod ensures you capture clear photos without blurriness. Therefore, consider getting one for your photography team.

5. Take closer images

When the camera is close to the property it will take clear images. So if you are using a drone to take the images, ensure it’s closer to the house.

In addition, ensure you focus the camera on one point before taking the photo. That will ensure you take clear photos that can attract clients to your property.

6. Highlight unique features of the property

It’s important to show your potential client what they will enjoy when they rent or buy the property you are showcasing. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the key areas of the property that the client will love.

For instance, you can show a swimming pool and a garden lawn that will impress potential buyers. Highlighting the unique features of your property alienates it from the many property listings on the internet.

7. Show the surroundings

Most buyers would love to see what their neighborhood would look like. That’s why you should show the property surroundings when taking photos. 

You can the best drones for real estate photography to show the surroundings of the property. It’s also important to show the infrastructure around the property and the available social amenities. 

8. Hire a professional photographer

It’s often important to hire a professional when doing real estate investment in Kenya. Chances are you don’t know everything, and thats why you will always need a helping hand in your property investment.

A professional photographer is the best person to handle your real estate photography. They know the best time to take the photos and how to take them. 

9. Edit the photos

It’s important to edit the photos you take to make them look professional. You can use tools like Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and other editing tools that make your photos more appealing.

When editing the photos, you can add a few words to describe the photo to allow the client to understand the property features well.

10. Take the photos in the right seasons

When doing real estate photography for your properties in Kenya, ensure you choose the best time of the day and the best seasons. 

For instance, you can take photos during rainy seasons when the surrounding vegetation is green. That will make the property look appealing to the buyer or renter.

In addition, take photos during the day when there is enough natural light, preferably at noon when there are no shadows.


Real estate photography could be the gap between you and the success of your business. It’s critical to invest in professional photography to help reach your target audience. 

Kindly leave a comment on your views about real estate photography in Kenya. Have you started photographing your property? If not, start today to enjoy the fruits of digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I improve real estate photography?

The best way to improve real estate photography is to hire a professional photographer and editor. They will ensure that your property photos are appealing and that will attract potential clients.

What makes property photos look so good?

A property photo can only look good if you take it with an excellent camera and use a tripod to ensure there is no shaking. In addition, real photos look good when there is enough natural light during the shoot.

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