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SEO for real estate –Seven Tips on how to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

SEO for real estate –Seven Tips on how to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

Any real estate agent’s dream is to generate quality local leads and sales. They want to meet with eligible clients and increase their sales but how will they go about it? In today’s era majority of people who want to purchase a real estate property go online to do so. The best thing about Real estate SEO never rests, it ensures possible leads 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without the need to pay ads or make phone calls.

What is Real Estate SEO?

Real estate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to website development content and strategies that make your content and website easily accessible online. These tactics turns your website into a legitimate and reliable real estate website, giving you more customer traffic and better search engines rankings.

Why does Real Estate need SEO?

As more and more real estate agents invest in SEO, online visibility is critical to the success of their businesses as it;

·        Increase traffic and revenue

Strong SEO strategy that includes high-quality content not only increase your traffic, but it also attracts more relevant audiences and a higher chance of being a customer when you publish relevant content and keywords. Using the right conversion rate, the traffic can be converted into new revenue.

·        Boost brand awareness

Additionally, high quality SEO content establishes your company as a source of information, which helps your viewers trust you. When someone reads your content and finds value in it, you interact well with your product, which raises product awareness. Improved brand awareness raises conversion rates even further.

Below are tips to improve your real estate websites that will lead to sales

1.   Start with SEO Audit

SEO audit helps determine which pages work best and where you can improve. Although research takes time, it serves as a tracker of your progress and gives you with the data you need to develop a roadmap.

If you have no organic traffic to your site or you don’t generate leads or covert clients, there must be a reason for this. Don’t worry about it, SEO audit can help you.

Important areas to focus on are:

•        Site Layout: XML Sitemap, robots.txt, redirect.

·        Page Layout: Topics, meta descriptions, title tags, alt tags, URLs.

·        Content: Structure, keywords, visual features, duplicates, redirects, and canonical tags.

·        Links: internal and external links

·        Usability: Accessibility, mobile friendliness.

2.   Optimize for Search

With the results of your audit, make a plan for each problem. An orderly approach is best, to make sure you do not ignore anything. After fixing the problem, find other ways to improve the overall optimization.

Focus on the following:

·        Research and analysis of keywords

·        SEO friendly URLs

·        Improving meta titles and definitions

·        Image setting

·        The placement of the appropriate external and internal link

·        Broken links

·        Improving site speed

·        Content development

3.   Make Sure Your Website Is Accessible

Accessibility is part of a design process that focuses on user information, making websites accessible to as many people (using any device) as possible. It is important to remember that not only beginners or inexperienced internet users benefit from accessible construction, but also people with a variety of visual, navigation, hearing, and intelligence skills. Read how and why accessibility matters for SEO.

4.   Optimize your website for Mobile Devices

Most people use mobile phones when they need to buy or sell a property online. Here are the key things to look at when optimizing your real estate website for mobile devices.

·        Responsive design

·        Page speed

·        Homepage

·        Site navigation

·        Site search

·        Usability

Responsive design automatically adapts the site to the screen of any device that is important to use. Page speed is important because if your visitors have to wait a long time, they can return to search results and find your site easy to use.  Keep it as simple as possible. If the user has to navigate through to reach the goal, they are less likely to reach the end. The Mobile-Friendly Test Tool helps you determine if your website is good and provides a list of issues that need attention.

5.   Add your website on google my business and relevant business directories

Google My Business assists businesses in getting more exposure by showcasing relevant businesses based on certain searches. Customers may easily access information about your online business on Google, such as hours and contact information. Register your website on google my business Update your listing with your;

·        Company address

·        URL of your website

·        Contact information, including your phone number

·        Photos, real estate listings, clients, etc.

·        Real estate categories for instance, commercial, residential, for sale/rent.

This can help you rank higher in Google local search, giving you a better chance of competing with your competitors such as Premier Agent. Also do research on best online business directories in Kenya and list your business there.

6.   Build engagement through social media and blogs

Use the best social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest. They will not only help in ranking your search engine but also help in digital marketing strategy. Without social media, real estate agents will struggle to gain presence online.

Social media helps to;

·        Build Brand Awareness

·        Generate Leads

·        Nurture Leads Connect Social Posts to Opportunities

·        Measure Marketing Efforts

·        Build Brand Authenticity

·        Grow Your Audience

·        Build a community

Whenever you share social content, add location-based hashtags and descriptions with most targeted keywords, also publish your useful content on your blogs.

Also read: Social media tips for real estate agents to elevate your marketing strategy.

7.   Use a structured schema markup

Schema Markup helps search engines in comprehending and displaying the content of your webpage in search results, which is advantageous to your real estate SEO. Your home listing page, for example, includes information such as price, location, and property size. The schema markup makes it easy for bots to interpret the content on your page and present it in search results. Adding schema markup to your real estate website improves search visibility and increases click-through rate (CTR).

Bottom Line

There are still opportunities in this competitive real estate industry. You just need to learn them. With the help of these SEO tips, you can manage your local search. If you are new in SEO, we are here to help you. Visit our website or contact us 0726982982.

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