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Some Basic SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid them

Some Basic SEO Mistakes and How to Avoid them

I would like to start by mentioning holistic SEO. One is not supposed to major in the content or the technical aspect of your site but you need to work on your user experience. One needs to know that to successfully optimize your website; you need to major on a good foundation of relevant research. SEO is comprised of little changes that will add up to substantial benefits and you need to be very smart and thoughtful while doing this.

 Below we are going to discuss the basic SEO mistakes, how to avoid them, and tips to solve them.    

1.                  Forgetting that faster is better

2.                  Failing to invite people to visit your website

3.                  Tying to rank for the wrong keywords

4.                  Neglecting to write a good content

1.     Forgetting that faster is better

The number one SEO mistake that I would like to talk about is site speed.  It is said that the faster your website is the quicker google will favor it, especially when you’ve understood the page experience ranking factor. It is very important to work on your website speed  because this ensures that your page is kept on the search results. Remember google has very useful tools that they use to check your site speed. If interested to know more about google speed you can check Google page Speed insights. You will learn more about the speed as it gives you an overview of what aspects you can improve on to boost the speed on your pages.

Another sector that one needs to work on is how to optimize your images. You will come across lots of websites having large images, dull, or images that do not appear clearly and all these just make your websites slower. Resizing your images may help in speeding up your images. If you have a WordPress site then you are in a good position to install a plugin that works for you. What you need to know is that the fewer plugins that are activated, the faster your WordPress instalment can be downloaded.

2.     Failing to invite people to your website

Metadata is what appears on search engine result pages SERPs. There are websites that come up for certain questions which include the title of your page and this is a meta description. You need to know that the page title is also very important to google so you have to ensure it is optimized correctly for each page. It is important for you to work on the keywords, add them to the page tittles to make sure that your tittles are not too long. Avoid long page tittles for it will make potential visitors to see only half of your tittles in the search results.

One needs to know that the meta description is not a ranking factor but it has an important role in your Click Through Rate. This gives good direction to potential visitors on how to click on your site SERPs. And it is only if you optimize your meta description with a quality clear message on what people can find on your site. This makes their search easier if the information they are looking for is on that page. The more likely people think your site will gain answers for their questions, the more traffic a page will gain and this is a big positive impact on the business.

3.     Trying to rank for the wrong Keywords

If you are working towards getting ranked in by Google then you have to make sure you are using the right keywords on each and every page. Always try to come up with something more specific. Add areas where your company is located to the keyword and besides that, look for different ways you can advance in the use of quality keywords. The longer the more specific your keywords are the higher your chances are to be ranked by google hence a good development of your company.

4.     Neglecting to write a good content

It is of big importance for one to always work on producing good quality content because each and every single page has to contain better content that will call for alarm in your website. You need to work with good wording and work on answering the questions that people are looking for. Always focus on writing quality content to attract your audience and not just for google for this is the way to make it happen.

Always work to achieve the best in writing good and original content that shows your expertise and it has to be easy to read for your target audience.

In Short

We all know that SEO entails a lot and we cannot remember all the different parts but it is very important to apply all. Failure to apply any has a consequence to our website that the majority would not like. So, make sure to focus on speed, make good-quality content, ensure you take some time on your website, and make people visit your site. When you consider all these, your website will be optimized.

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