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Top Property Listing and House Hunting Websites

Top Property Listing and House Hunting Websites

Nowadays, buyers are searching for properties for sale on the internet and conduct online research before partnering with an agent. If you’re anything like me, you can ALWAYS use another real estate listing website to advertise your property listings  especially when that platform is FREE.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best property listing websites in Kenya. I have included a mix of property listing websites that you will easily recognize, some of these real estate advertising websites are more established, some of them have a more targeted audience for real estate. You will also find included real estate listing sites with varying amount of traffic than others.

So, let’s dive in for the best house hunting websites in Kenya.

1.    Jiji

 Jiji is a free classifieds portal for multiple products and services including properties available for sale in Kenya. This is the property listing website in Kenya that most people think of first for listing properties for sale due to its wide reach.  It is free to advertise your property listing on Jiji.  Once you create a free listing, you can boost your properties so get more people to view it. The paid packages are quite affordable.

With the hundreds of visitors that the site gets each month, it’s hard not to list on this platform.  It’s also worth noting that many property buyers start their search with Jiji, so it’s a great way to gain exposure to a massive audience at no cost.

You’ll want to beware of scammers – so take time before jumping into anything.

This is a relatively new real estate listing website dedicated to listing properties for sale only. Compared to other  websites, it can be considered an upcomer by most. The site has an average 10,000 unique visitors on a monthly basis with thousands of listings from over 1,500 agents.  

As the site continues to grow,  its a fantastic way to increase your chances of finding a buyer for your property. You can register for free and see your sales grow.

The website is optimized for land and plots for sale due to its unique map-based search for real estate. 

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3. Property24

 This real estate listing website is part of an international network of property portals in Africa and is designed specifically for advertising real estate properties. The website aims to become the number one marketplace for buyers and sellers of real estate in Kenya. The website allows you to list both properties for sale and properties to rent in Kenya.

With thousands of monthly visitors and ease of use, Property24 is an ideal platform to promote your properties for sale. Additionally, it is free to post ads on property24. You can also opt to promote your properties to increase visibility.

The only downside is that the large number of active listing means that you are competing with thousands of other ads for visibility and you must keep refreshing your listing to stay at the top of the recently listed properties.

4.  Buyrent Kenya

This is one of the popular property listing websites in Kenya. The website was launched in 2012 and has been registering steady growth in traffic. The website allows you to list both properties for sale and properties to rent in Kenya.

This real estate listing site is a great fit for people selling to a targeted audience of real estate buyers particularly in the upmarket areas of Kilimani, kitisuru, Westlands and Upper Hill.  This real estate listing website is again also designed specifically for the real estate and is focused specifically on being the most trusted marketplace for buyers and sellers of real estate.

The website does not have a free version, so be prepared to boost your properties to increase visibility. However, if you are dealing with upmarket properties, this is the website to use as the cost to list is not prohibitive.

5. RE/MAX Real Estate

RE/MAX is a world-leading brokerage with a network of over 100,000 in more than 100 countries across the globe and according to their website, Nobody sells more real estate than RE/MAX. Like other brokerage sites, browsers on RE/MAX’s listing site will be connected with one of their local agents. 

This website is a member only, so you must join RE/MAX to list on the website. The website does not appear to bring a lot of visitors. And while the brand is recognized globally, it is not a big player in the local market as a listing website.

6. Pigiame

This platform is well designed, looks great and it makes the process of putting together a listing very easy. The great thing about Pigiame is that it’s one of the few online real estate marketplaces that also allows property owners to post real estate listings for free but has a paid option where you can boost your property.

Considering this website brings a fair amount of visitors each month, it may very well be worth your time and effort to upload your listing details to this website. The only drawback is that Pigiame is not an exclusive property portal.

7. MyProperty

You can particularly search houses for sale and rent in your area on They offer properties based on the country, category, budget, and location.

The particular properties in the area will be seen after you fill out these details and do a search. Plots, land, and even residences for sale or rent can be included in this.

At the sales center or reception, you can view the homes that are on show as well as the features, payment schedule, and phone number. You can also get in touch with the real estate company’s agent by phone or email.

8. Kenya property centre

This is a leading property website with property listings for sale, rent and lease. Once on the home page, you are able to search for your desired property that you are looking for with a click of a search button. The exciting this with the search button is that you are actually able to search also based on a county that is for example if you are in Nairobi and you are looking forward to owning a property in a place like Taita Taveta then you are actually able to key in Taita Taveta and see the property within the county. You can also key in info for the maximum or minimum price you are looking for. This web also has information with pictures attached accompanied by prices, sizes, and a brief detailed description so that you can be able to make an informed purchase. Their website also provides an opportunity for advertising for other industry player organizations and owners.

9. Hauzisha

This is a real estate website that offers information on ideas, places and advices on the real estate industry in Kenya. They have an easy to navigate website with thousands of listed property spread across the nation. They also have a catalogue like homepage where you can add to your cart a list of property you are interested in.

10. Mitula

This authoritative website functions as a property search engine. This is due to the fact that it features a variety of properties from various real estate websites.

They have more than 40,000 properties, divided up into several zones. Prior to searching, you must decide on your area, the kind of house you’re looking for, and the price range in order to locate the ideal property.

When the properties are shown, you can click on the photographs to select the one you like. After that, you can get in touch with the seller by calling the number that appears in the details section.

You will, however, be taken to the primary website where the agent originally listed the property because it functions as a search engine.


If you are keen to find land, houses for sale or rent quickly, is among the best websites to visit. The website is easy to navigate and lists thousands of properties from different parts of the country.

On the homepage, you can request a property depending on whether you want to buy or rent. If it’s a house for sale, for example, you can add the number of beds, minimum budget, your location, your personal details, before submitting the request. Immediately you do so, you can view several available properties in the location you selected.

12. Commercial

This particular website lists rental houses, land, and even leased properties from all over Kenya. The properties are categorized into different regions, and you can refine your search using different parameters on the website.

Whenever you select a property to view, the details are usually below the said property. What’s more, you can contact the seller via the mobile number on the website.

The website also lists properties from other real estate agents. In addition, you can view more properties that have been added by the same sales agent.


 Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social networking sites remain good options to list. Facebook remain the best medium when selling property. In addition to being the dominant player in social media today, Facebook has also grown into a very active and effective place to buy and sell real estate. Whether you choose to post properties for sale on your page, Facebook marketplace or in Facebook Groups, Facebook offers an opportunity to get more exposure.

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Its free to post properties on Facebook and you can also ran ads. Facebook’s targeting abilities allow you to get your ad in front of the people who will find it most relevant. It’s also possible to link to your website so you can always include the more detailed listing information there.

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What will you do now?

Remember, the goal is to get your listing in front of as many potential buyers as possible. Therefore, look at what each of these options can bring to the table, particularly the free ones to start off.

While it’s easy to assume your property listings only belong on websites with tons of traffic, I think it’s also important not to overlook the value of having your listings in front of many different audiences. Even when an advertising outlet is less recognized or newer to the market, it could still be worth your while to post your property information there.

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