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Ticketing Process on Ardhisasa

Ticketing Process on Ardhisasa

Ticketing is a feature developed by ardhisasa to ensure that the platform users are able to get solutions to the issues they raise. 

On the ardhisasa platform, there are contact information for reaching out to the customer care team. The platform provides an official email address, phone numbers for 24/7 support, and a chatbot manned by customer care representatives. You can type your question or issue in the chatbox, and you will receive real-time guidance and support.

It’s good to note that not all issues require a ticket, but for those that do, the ticketing system ensures dedicated attention and resolution. Specific issues, such as settling invoices or stamp duty payments, may necessitate raising a ticket.

To access the ticketing feature;

1.      Log into your account using your credentials, such as your identification number or ardhisasa ID and password you used when creating your account. Click continue.

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2.      You’ll be provided with a one-time password code and OTP which will be sent to the phone number you used to register with on the platform. Type the code onto the OTP prompt box and then click log in.

3.      Click My Tickets tab on the dashboard. There are three tabs: Open, Ongoing, and Closed. The Open tab displays tickets that require action from the relevant ministry officials or yourself. The Ongoing tab lists tickets where you have already provided details, and it’s now the ministry’s responsibility to address the issue. The Closed tab contains resolved tickets.

4.      Click on the View button next to a ticket. You will be provided with the ticket’s information and summary. Depending on the nature of the issue, the assigned officer may request relevant documents to facilitate resolution. Attach the necessary documents using the Attach File button. Follow the instructions given by the customer care team or ministry officials regarding document upload.

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Both you and the ministry official can initiate conversations and attach relevant documents through the ticketing system. The ministry official will update you on the progress or request additional information. If the problem can be resolved virtually, the officer will make a comment indicating the successful resolution. However, certain issues may require physical presence, for which an invitation will be created.

When an invitation is created by the ministry official, you will receive a notification via SMS and email. Access invitations by clicking on the My Appointment tab. This section includes four tabs: Invitations, Upcoming Appointments, Past Appointments, and Missed Appointments. Review the invitation details and schedule an appointment accordingly. The gate pass accompanying the invitation contains a QR code for verification at the premises.

For enquiries, please visit Ardhi House, Off Ngong Rd: P.O. Box 30450-00100, Nairobi,Kenya or email: The ministry can also be reached on phone: 0746 962239.

For more information, visit our website or call us on 0726982982 or on email through

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