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Transfer of Charge Application on Ardhisasa

Transfer of Charge Application on Ardhisasa

Transfer of charge application process involves conveying an existing charge from one chargee to another. This process is initiated by an advocate one who is registered on the Ardhisasa platform and has upgraded their account. In this article we will guide you on step by step on transfer of charge application.

1.      Log in to the platform as an advocate using your credentials (ID and password).

2.      Click Continue after entering your details.

3.      Receive a one-time password (OTP) on your registered phone and enter it to log in.

4.      Navigate to the dashboard and switch to the Advocate account.

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5.      In the dashboard, find the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning section.

6.      Click on Land Registration to access the application.

7.      The application page displays tabs: Pending, Ongoing, Completed, Rejected, and Cancelled. The Pending tab shows applications awaiting action. The Ongoing tab lists applications being processed by the ministry. The Completed tab displays approved applications. The Rejected tab shows applications that were declined. The Cancelled tab lists applications cancelled by parties involved.

8. Click on New Application in the top right corner.

9. Explore FAQs related to the process.

10.  Click Next to proceed.

11.  Enter the property’s parcel number (registry/block number).

12.  Add the charge entry number from the register.

13.  Search for the chargor Ardhisasa ID and choose the executing person.

14.  Proceed with the chargor’s and borrower’s details in a similar manner.

15.  Enter the Ardhisasa ID of the financial institution to which the charge is transferred.

16.  Select the person executing the transferor’s role (director, attorney, or appointed signatory).

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17.  Enter the principal amount of the charge and the outstanding balance.

18.  Provide the consideration amount and principal conditions (if applicable).

19.  Fill in the details of the law firm (optional) or link the application to a registered Law Firm.

20.  Upload the additional Provisions document (PDF, PNG, or JPEG format).

21.  Add other relevant documents if required.

22.  Review all details entered on the application.

The involved parties will receive notifications to verify and sign the application. The OTP (one-time password) process will be followed to ensure consent and authorization. The advocate must stay in communication with the parties during this verification process.

Once all parties have verified and signed the application, the advocate can append their signature. The advocate or one of the involved parties will be required to pay the stamp duty fee. An invoice will be generated, and payment can be made through the available methods.

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After the payment is confirmed, the application will transition to the Land Registration Department for processing and approval. All parties will receive notifications regarding the registration of the transfer of charge.

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