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Tycoon Sues Ex-Wife in Bid to Control ksh628 Million Property

Tycoon Sues Ex-Wife in Bid to Control ksh628 Million Property

order to gain control of a Ksh628 million property, a tycoon in Mombasa County
has taken his ex-wife and business partner to court.

tycoon requested that the Mombasa Law Courts order his ex-wife to surrender the
property or something of equal value to the court.

the ex-wife holds dual Kenyan and British citizenship. They shared bank
accounts in Mombasa and Nairobi.

has also accused his estranged wife of transferring funds illegally from the
joint fixed account to her personal account in 2019.

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“There was no agreement for her to have 50 per cent shareholding in the company, she
took advantage of her position to allocate herself one share which she has never paid for, she also did not contribute to the capital of the company,” the man told the court.

According to the man, the wife used her position as a lawyer to covertly transfer funds
to her account.

She is also accused of transferring funds to her late father’s account prior to
their divorce in 2019.

Furthermore, he has demanded Ksh624 million in compensation for the business’s losses.

This comes after it was discovered that the wife’s relatives had communicated with the bank, both orally and in writing, in order to prevent him from accessing his funds.

The tycoon noted that this decision resulted in significant losses in 2020 when he needed to acquire necessary testing kits during the pandemic.

“The company affairs were paralysed and ground to a halt and its business operations
ceased,” the tycoon lamented to the court.

The angry man told the judge that he and his ex-wife had not met to plan the next

In addition, the man sought complete access to the company’s bank accounts in
Mombasa and Nairobi.


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