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Why listing photos matter: 5 benefits of listing photos in real estate

Why listing photos matter: 5 benefits of listing photos in real estate

It is not the write up or the chatter about the good sized rooms that draws buyers to view your homes. It is always a combination of two things, the location and the photos. Photos are one of the most useful tools for selling your home. They allow buyers to peek inside it from anywhere .It’s like having an open house without opening your house. See main benefits of listing photos in real estate

1.       Creates positive first impression that lasts.

When homebuyers look at a real estate listing, they spend 60% of their time looking at photos. The first viewing isn’t the one where the buyer steps through the door, it’s the one where they first see the property images with their eyes. Great real estates photos make good first impression on buyer and it’s that first impression that sticks even after they’ve been to look around and sniffed the outdated carpet. If you have photos that show off the quality of the listing, the property will sell 32% faster and with a 47% higher asking price per square foot on average. . Make sure you’re posting only the best listing photos if you expect to make a lasting impression and gain a following

2.       Offers a virtual tour

A virtual tour is a visual tool that replicates the experience of visiting and walking through a property. it is a 360 degree view of any location. It basically allows you to view any side of a property as desired i.e turn left, right, up or down to see any side of the  allow prospective buyers to interact with the home and look at features in detail without having to be on-site. After taking all the property photos, upload your images into your software program to create your virtual tour create your virtual tour by stitching images together. Another way you can take panoramic images. They are usually at 360 degrees ready to be listed.

3.       Best to targeting millennial

Millennial is a visually focused generation and they have made up the biggest population of homebuyers. They start their search online and they expect to see amazing, professional photos. They will look at the photos first before even looking at the property description. They spend 60% of their time studying the photos, 20% reading the features and 20% the descriptions .No matter how good your description is if the photos don’t appeal to them they will not even look at it. That is why it is very important to have high resolution images both property and personal. See a complete guide on how to take good real estate photos

4.       Saves your time

Having professional photos on your listing saves your agent a lot of time. One can easily give people a good experience while looking at your property’s photos through persuasive photography. Any potential buyer or tenant will jump at a chance to experience being in a potential house without truly being at it before deciding and coming to a final decision. This saves you a lot of time as a seller in the sense that a site visit will be the last step for the buyer. The buyer I already persuaded and site visit will be confirm in just some few things.

5.       They help in brand building

High quality photos shape your brand and real estate business.  High-quality photography can help generate leads; increase referrals market your brand, and deliver a memorable client experience. They also provide quality content that still helps in marketing your property. A consistent and professional brand image gives you the confidence to go to a listing presentation and demonstrate your worth to prospects.


Even while working with an agent, buyers still typically do their own searches. Whether it’s print media or online, the images used to market your property can make or break how prospects view your property. When potential tenants can see what a property looks like, they’re more likely to fill out an application. Having quality images allows them to imagine themselves in the kitchen, making dinner, hanging out in the spacious living room, or tucking the kids in at night in each of their rooms. It’s important to use a professional photographer in your real estate business.

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